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  1. stumfelter

    hatsan 12 bore 3 shot

    I feed mine a diet of 32g 70mm eley pigeon and have no problems with cycling, they're the AK 47 of shotguns. 😁
  2. stumfelter

    14 million in poverty

    Do you think it's right for you to imply that his wife has tricked him to get pregnant?
  3. stumfelter

    14 million in poverty

    I'd hazard a guess that one of them was you inferring that TT's wife had duped him in to having more children.
  4. stumfelter

    Persimmon Boss 75 million bonus

    How come it's always plumbers that are supposedly on £100 grand? I was a plumber and left to go in to roofing so I know loads of plumbers and not one of them is on that sort of money.
  5. Ever thought of trying out for the GB Olympic squad?
  6. stumfelter

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    When our kids were young I worked days and the Mrs worked 6 till 9 in the evening's.
  7. stumfelter

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Is it cash in hand? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  8. stumfelter

    What a mess!

    I know exactly what will happen. Nothing. It's a big thing now because that's what the media wants it to be and this time next week it will be something else. Nothing to see here, move along.
  9. stumfelter


    And me.
  10. stumfelter

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Because you asked for suggestions. That's my suggestion.
  11. stumfelter

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Put him up at your house?
  12. stumfelter

    Antique table

    Sand it down and give it a coat of shabby chic chalk paint and you'll get £50 on gumtree.
  13. stumfelter

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    I don't have to, I've lined my deerstalker in tinfoil. 😁😁
  14. stumfelter

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    I hope it comes soon as I have been buying tinned food and bottled water for quite a while but now I'm struggling to get in the cellar and the shed is rammed.