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  1. What would be the difference politically between someone who shops at Aldi and someone who shops at Waitrose?
  2. This is true in the snowflake age we live in, it just won't happen....
  3. Didn't rate him as an MP but he has written some good novels.
  4. I was at a magic show and the magician wrapped my breitling in a handkerchief and hit it repeatedly with a hammer, I was horrified and feared the worst but I needn't have worried as when he unwrapped the hanky to my surprise my watch was intact and as an added bonus it's now more accurate than before. I'm not connected to the magician and cannot recommend him as I've forgotten his name but attending a magic show could work out considerably cheaper than a watch repair man.
  5. Excellent post and it covers so much of what is wrong in the UK today.
  6. Crucians are stunning fish.
  7. It's not unusual.... Sorry couldn't resist!
  8. You are either a troll or a hypocrite of the highest order! Your trying to convince people to 'do their bit' but you won't 'do your bit' unless the government forces you to. Holier than thou springs to mind.....
  9. No. As far as I remember it was basically get it done or scrap it. The best thing was the gunshop loaned him an o/u skeet gun while the work was being done and he hit more with that than the 303! 😁
  10. I've got one in .22 and if you can get hold of a silencer adaptor they're as quiet as a pcp, as somebody has stated four pumps to full but check it on a chrono as the blow off is 'adjustable'.
  11. My mate had a five shot Beretta 303 that had to be converted to three shot and I also had to scrap some cheapo shotguns after hungerford.
  12. Think you have to state a price bud.
  13. There are that many cameras at football matches these days surely the perpetrators can be identified and banned?
  14. Ok guys you win. If it makes you feel somehow superior to refer to planned crossbred dogs as mongrels then have fun, I'm done.....
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