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  1. She's absolutely got to let it know who's boss.
  2. Personally I don't do social media but how are basc etc represented? How do they stack up against the people that want to see an end to fieldsports? In this day and age this seems to be the most influential platform to be targetting.
  3. I'm somewhat surprised by the "ignore him he'll go away" and "it's all lies anyway" attitudes on here. The swell of public opinion against us is growing and if grouse shooting falls by the wayside it won't be a big leap to ban all game shooting.
  4. Where exactly did you get the information that he's on £200 an hour?
  5. A self employed roofer who charges £200 an hour? I think that you'll find that there's crossed wires somewhere.
  6. stumfelter

    Le Tour

    I always find it amazing how many asthmatics are in the top echelons of cycling......
  7. To be honest you'd have been better off just leaving her instead of putting up with that for eighteen months then ending up hitting her with a stick.
  8. Whereabouts in the country do these two young professionals live?
  9. Watched a programme this morning about illl gotten gains being sold at auction, patek phillipe with a list price of thirty grand sold for forty seven so that was a good investment. Luckily not for the scam merchant that bought it....😀😀
  10. In your situation I'd certainly risk another £25 just to have my day in court.
  11. stumfelter


    This topic is a gift for those with a penchant for double entendres....
  12. stumfelter


    Think you're missing a j.
  13. Darby and Joan club?
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