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  1. stumfelter

    It could reduce a grown man to tears

    Sounds like the dealers lucky day.
  2. stumfelter

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Pigeon watch ought to sell tin foil hats with their insignia on the front, they'd be more popular than sweatshirts......
  3. stumfelter

    Cartridge length

    Some semi autos work better with 70mm cartridges (mine certainly does) but don't know if that's the answer to your question.
  4. stumfelter

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    Nobody is saying ban people from having cats but surely it's not too much to ask for cats to wear bells when outside to protect wildlife.
  5. stumfelter

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    I give up, there's none so blind as cannot see....
  6. stumfelter

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    So surely that makes the urban reserves even more valuable?
  7. stumfelter

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    It isn't about taking a life it's about the indiscriminate ways that cats kill. A cat doesn't care that the sparrow he's going to kill is in decline.
  8. stumfelter

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    I don't know the man but I doubt that goldfinches and blue tits are on his quarry list!
  9. stumfelter

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    That's a very law abiding cat.what's he got an air rifle and a copy of the general license?
  10. stumfelter

    Grey Partridge reintroduction

    We've released 50 Grey's a season for a few years and as you say they just go. Frenchies only this season.
  11. stumfelter

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    Shock, horror, man flies to America, buys antique then flies back.
  12. stumfelter


    I bet it's been nice in Skegness with all the hot weather we've been having.
  13. stumfelter

    wild flower ID

    That's definitely pink florum green stemius. It likes to grow in damp silty soil but will tolerate sandy....
  14. stumfelter

    opt out organ donation

    Having a larger supply of organs seems good in principle but has the NHS got the wherewithal to fit in more ops with beds,nurses, intensive care etc?
  15. Can't believe even a council house in Surrey is only £260 a month?