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  1. stumfelter

    Drill bits

    If your using cheap screws you'll struggle whatever the bits.
  2. stumfelter

    Multiple organisms.

    That's the one thanks a lot. British engineering on show!
  3. stumfelter

    Multiple organisms.

    Don't know how to do links but can somebody put up the cooper s with Arden 8 port head video from YouTube? It really takes off from about one minute in.
  4. stumfelter

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you this but you're a walking disaster zone. 😁 I've just part chopped a 57 plate jimny but if anyone's interested I've got no photos unfortunately.
  5. stumfelter


    First one looks like oak, second one looks like elm as the two sides aren't mirrored.
  6. stumfelter

    The best 4x4 by far

    Get a jimny, mine would just cruise over that!
  7. stumfelter

    Found a dead roe buck

    Good call.
  8. stumfelter

    Testing a radio control receiver?

    This may seem blatantly obvious but have the transmitter and receiver got the same channel crystal in?
  9. stumfelter

    Where to go on holiday

    Skegness is always nice and a lot of the shops and arcades reopen at Easter so you might get last year's stock at reduced prices which is a bonus. That time of year I'd be tempted to take a fleecy and a kagoul but maybe I feel the cold more than you so it's up to you on the clothing front.
  10. stumfelter

    Garden paving cost

    Basically how long is a piece of string.....
  11. stumfelter

    My Fella's Cooking is terrible

    Never heard of slogg before but it sounds like something I'd enjoy.
  12. stumfelter

    Labour and specifically Dianne Abbott

    She's not having to try too hard!
  13. stumfelter

    Labour and specifically Dianne Abbott

    Is she that thick skinned that she can't realise she is only in the job because she's a black woman? I've seen goldfish that are more clever!
  14. stumfelter

    Premium Bonds

    If only you weren't so far away. 😁😁
  15. stumfelter

    A bit of culture.

    Saw the same thing at Derby silk mill and as you say impressive. Bit sad that they had to have a security guard but I suppose that's a sign of the times.