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  1. If you'll do PayPal yes please.
  2. If guns were more readily available would these stabbings be shootings?
  3. I'm surprised that the lad from the initial encounter got off Scot free because he obviously caused the murder to happen.
  4. Don't know why your so anti Vulcan? A decent gun for the 80's.
  5. Would they connect to next doors supply so they didn't need to go back to the main?
  6. I am thinking of buying a bungalow but it doesn't appear to have a gas supply. Next door has got a gas meter and where the meter would be is approx 10 metres from the centre of the road. Has anybody any experience of cost, timescale etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'd want to see it and try it on but thanks.
  8. Tamworth A&E must be close to his heart. 😁😁
  9. Rob is indeed one of the nice guys.
  10. I must do. They get dropped off at a peg, targets are presented to them then picking up the birds is someone else's concern. Realistically you must have met people like that.
  11. I'm sure that to a lot of guns game birds are just feathered targets and no concern of theirs after being shot.
  12. I'd check the gun fit on the o/u. My Mrs can shoot two rounds comfortably with her silver pigeon and 28g eley Olympic blues.
  13. Saw this on BBC breakfast this morning and as I've said before the internet will be the death of fieldsports. There's always been unwanted people in every sport but unfortunately this gives them the stage that they crave. Don't worry though because if it does get banned they'll happily move onto the next fad that takes their fancy to brag about.....
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