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  1. stumfelter

    Vegan in the family

    Has the reception got an outdoor area? If so couldn't you just let him graze the surrounding vegetation?
  2. stumfelter

    Wireless thermostat

    As far as I know a wireless does not need a thermostat but I'm no electronics expert.
  3. stumfelter

    Fjords Cruise - Recommendations

    We went to the fjords with Royal Carribbean in may aboard the Independence of the seas and have to say the scenery is stunning. The captain did a 360 spin in gerainger fjord to let us take photos of the waterfalls and we also visited Flam and Stavanger. As people have said Norway is expensive!
  4. I'm reading it the rifle bit refers to muzzle energy and the bit about using propellant gas for cycling refers to chambered weapons which would certainly include shotguns. Should we all buy inertia operated semis like benellis.
  5. stumfelter


    £130 for a 20ml bottle, it's certainly not cheap!
  6. stumfelter

    Tour de France 2018

    I also find it amazing that an asthma sufferer should reach the very pinnacle of cycling, imagine how good he'd be if he wasn't I'll!
  7. stumfelter

    Bought some ‘art’

    The original painting looks like it was done by a ten year old. 😁😁
  8. stumfelter

    The fox "assassin "

    I'm sure if people advertised on PW they'd get it done for free!
  9. stumfelter

    Would you take the shot?

    Couldn't you have driven round to the pub and shot it from the beer garden? It would be a safe shot and if you got the rabbit you could have had a pint to celebrate. People who are saying report him to his Flo need to give their heads a good shake.....
  10. stumfelter

    Camper vans and motor homes

    I recently sold my bay window camper to make way for a caravan as we decided we'd sooner have a base camp and drive to places in the car rather than having to upsticks every time you want to go anywhere. Had ten years of holidays and been to the four corners of the UK but as you get older you like a bit of comfort!
  11. stumfelter

    Horse fly bite

    Have you got your own room up at the hospital?
  12. stumfelter

    Break in at Oakridge Shooting Ground

    How is it that when there is an rtc eight police cars turn up if the police are so stretched. Are they racing to be one of the three cars needed to block the road ( which basically involves sitting in the car for six hours on social media?)
  13. stumfelter

    Tool idea for gutters / truffins.

    Buy a longer ladder.
  14. stumfelter

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    Exactly my point. Morals are the real fibre that holds society together and without them we have no future.....
  15. stumfelter

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    At the end of the day it all comes down to morals. If your brought up by parents who have none what chance is there?