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  1. stumfelter

    A long shot

    Which one's you?
  2. stumfelter

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    I'll second that and while not being an authority on the subject I'll hazard a guess it's from B&Q.
  3. stumfelter

    Use or pamper

    I've got a 525 for clays and beaters day and a camo hatsan for the hide, roosting and generally knocking about.
  4. stumfelter


    We've had a few acres of sunflowers this season and it's been a good cover crop, added bonus is I've never seen so many finches in one place!
  5. stumfelter

    squirrel control

    I modified a spare browning adjustable trigger to fit mine. Also made a new fore end and fitted a picatinny rail and tripod mount and with an MTC mamba and home made night vision it sorts the rats out great. I use h&n ftt's.
  6. stumfelter

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    +1 for birds, also like their Haslet.
  7. stumfelter


    Sounds perfect for a rescue dog, have you tried dogs trust?
  8. stumfelter

    Thread of the year

    Which one? There's so many to choose from! 😁😁
  9. stumfelter

    PARD 007

  10. stumfelter

    PARD 007

    As an air rifle and shotgun guy how far away do you centre fire guys want to be able to shoot a fox?
  11. stumfelter

    Scaffolding question

    Our rule is no scafftag no work!
  12. stumfelter


    There's a doley couple up the road from me that deliver for myhermes and they're the the most idle pair I've ever had the misfortune to meet. I wouldn't trust them with a goldfish and if they pay any tax I'm a Norwegian herring fisherman!
  13. stumfelter

    Watership down

    Have to say that rottweiler had the stamina of a saluki. Would sire some cracking running dogs if crossed with a greyhound.
  14. stumfelter

    Christmas Greed

    I took the kids and grandkids to a buffet style all you can eat breakfast this morning and the (generally fat) people who waddled past us with mount Vesuvius loaded up on their plates was an embarrassment, even more so when they leave half of it!
  15. stumfelter

    Drones over Gatwick

    Surely the obvious answer would be to fit a turret to all civil aircraft with quad rapid fire .22 guns so they could shoot down any drones that approach. The stewardesses could take it in turn to man the turret in-between serving drinks,snacks, consoling children etc.