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  1. Telford is the New Bradford then.

    Shhhh how can this be swept under the carpet when people keep bringing it up. Nothing to see here, move along......
  2. Teacher bashing!!

    If I took unpaid leave I'd get less money....
  3. Teacher bashing!!

    Couldn't take the drop in wages.
  4. Not the best of days

    Ever thought of a safer occupation? Lion tamer, deep sea diver etc, there's plenty of jobs out there. 😀😀
  5. Teacher bashing!!

    I wouldn't mind the quarter of the year's holiday!
  6. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    I have nothing bad to say about the Russians. ( You never know who's reading these forums.)
  7. Dear day out!

    Who are "them"?
  8. I had this on a fiat Punto, if it's ball and socket joints on the gearbox end pop the joints off and try the gearstick, if it's still stiff it's the cables.
  9. Why....and what do we do about it?

    The problem and the cure is down to attitude. Youngsters are bought up in a throwaway society so that is what they do.
  10. eBay issue - plumbers help?

    This is like when people go into a gun shop and try a jacket on for size and say to the owner "I'll think about it" then go home and buy one off the internet cheaper happy in the knowledge that it will fit. Then come on here moaning that the local gunshop has closed!
  11. Hot water works, Heating doesn't

    Disconnect the actuator from the motorised valve and see if you can manually move the valve spindle. If so the actuator is at fault and you can usually buy just that.
  12. Cartridges

    I don't think "I live in Rugeley" would be giving too much information away!
  13. Cartridges

    Who to?
  14. Cartridges

    Whereabouts in Staffordshire. If it's not too far I'll take these please.
  15. Horse riding and testicles

    Sell the hoss and buy a trail bike. 😁😁