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  1. Cheapest way is to enter popmaster on radio 2 then win the round and then get the three in ten....
  2. Can't believe people on a shooting forum are actually condoning stuff like this...
  3. Not every man's life...
  4. stumfelter


    If you're off work bad and nobody from the company comes out just get your mate to book you in, double bubble!
  5. If it's being fed from the guttering there wouldn't be any silt. Have the pond raised enough so you could have a feed from the rwp and a rwp overflow back to the original drain, job done!
  6. Would it be fed by rainwater pipes from the house, garage or similar?
  7. Do you seriously believe he'll end up paying anywhere near that amount of tax?
  8. People seriously underestimate how hard it can be to use a computer mouse, glad your on the mend.
  9. Everything on Facebook is an hysterical disproportionate reaction, that's the whole idea.
  10. As hilarious as oowee's post is I still think Henry D's just tops it, but only just....
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