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  1. I've never shot skimming clays before, looks fun!
  2. Went up to the farm where I beat to do some roosting on sat to find out that the shoot captains Kawasaki mule had been stolen along with chainsaws, strimmers etc.
  3. Is this just not nimbyism?
  4. Can't believe there isn't a cheap clone of these out there.
  5. Why would a German ring have front written in English?
  6. Do you have to push a button on the side to load the magazine? If so it's gen 1.
  7. So it's basically a big **** covering exercise....
  8. But surely in that amount of time a team of officers could examine the surrounding area several times with magnifying glasses?
  9. Could someone please explain to me why the street has to be closed off for so long after the event?
  10. Just go for a walk and let your heart worry about itself...
  11. I had a mate who tried Spanish fly once! Didn't work...😀😀
  12. Two favourites for me, tales of a rat hunting man by Plummer and death in the long grass by capstick.
  13. stumfelter

    Ferrets as Pets

    Get a rat instead of a ferret unless you want your hands and clothes to stink after you've played with them, been there, done that got the (smelly) t shirt!
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