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Hi all, want to buy a bottle of brandy for someone but don't know one from the other. . . . can anyone please give me the heads up of what to buy priced between £25 to £50? Thanks lads

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For a cheap easy drinking Brandy I think Three Barrels is pretty nice. 

I might splash out and get myself one of the above however and see if I notice any difference. 

I am a heathen however and like to drink either rum of brandy with a Coke Zero and a bit of ice. 


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50 minutes ago, mgsontour said:

That one is quite nice. I warm the glass with hot water beforehand to open up the flavours, as Armagnac can seem a bit more ‘rustic’ taste-wise to me. I have a bottle of Janneau 5y.o. at the mo, but it’s not as nice as this one ☝️ 

Somerset cider brandy or a nice calvados are my faves.

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Camus VSOP Elegance at about £37 a bottle.

Or the standard issue Hine. Which was Churchill's stock brandy.

You can cut out the middleman and pour Remy Martin straight down the lavatory. 

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