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7 hours ago, The Heron said:

Anyone on here who has a gun that uses them only I am thinking of purchasing a gun that has them, I would appreciate opinions and advice on the chokes. Thanks 

I have a Merkel that a previous owner had fitted with Teague chokes.  Properly done with proof marks as would be expected of course.  No problems, though very fractionally more to clean (take out and grease periodically).  Never had any trouble with them sticking and threads engage smoothly and easily. 

I ordered a couple more to 'complete the set'.  Easy to deal with (just quote serial number) and fast delivery (this was about 5 years ago).  In fact, it was probably money wasted as I never bother to change them, but I am a sucker for having complete sets of things!

They are now owned by Westley Richards I believe, and the only 'downside' I have heard is that they are expensive, but unless you need extra chokes, that is past expense if the gun has them already.

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Should you have a day off and take the gun to be done, then, if they're not too busy you might get invited into the works. You don't need a lot of engineering experience when you look at the state of the machine shop and the installed equipment to realise that these guys know precisely what they're about. Going into the gun storage and seeing all the 'names' which are 'in the white' waiting to be done it becomes pretty obvious that those who know just a bit about guns also rate these folk.

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I've got them in my Miroku, the thin walled ones. They're spot on. Not had any issues with them binding, standard taper key for removal. They're also extremely light, so with the removal of metal for the choke I can't imagine them adding any noticeable weight to the front either.

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