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Whats best imo .is to unscrew it often ,that way the threads stay clear of carbon and you can take it off when u want to to clean .ive not cleaned mine yet (3 years ) but screw it off to get it in the cabinet and bag .I just tip out any crud after shooting it.

Seems the same as its always been .

also if you have just put it on 

Tightened up with pipe spanners .

Then check very often initially  that it hasn't  slipped down the barrel (towards muzzle ) this can happen if its not tight enough .


The first 20 shots should tell you if its gonna move or not .dont want it flying off into a Bush. 

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What @Ultrastusaid.. 👍

The deposit left in a moderator is both caustic and hygrscopic which means it absorbs water and creates acids, both of which attack the steel of the barrel. This oxidisation will deform the crown and attack the bore and end of your steel barrel, over time.

You should never leave the moderator on the gun.

Interestingly an intenally dirty moderator is quieter than a clean one. Typically any loose deposites will exit the can with the expanding gasses and as many have an alloy construction they are not damaged/erroded in the same way the barrel/crown is.

Remove the moderator and wip off any crud from the threads and applay a little silicone based grease. If it a vertex/over barrel type lightly coat the covered barrel with grease too.

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Thanks for the advice, its on a .410 and I've removed it and greased the threads. I clean the gun after every use, but I haven't cleaned inside the mod itself. It's very carboned up and I was told by a "friend who knows these things" that I should strip and clean it when I do the gun. 

Now I know I was right.

I've no idea of the age of the moderator but the gun is certainly not of this or possibly even last century. 

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5 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Easiest way to get the gunge out!

After reading the replies above a gungy mod is a quieter mod so I'll leave it be. I use it mostly for rats and squirrels, its the farmers wife who wants quiet round the buildings. I have another non moderated 410 for other uses.

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13 minutes ago, Harry Callahan said:

How long in the oven afterwards 😂






Good tip, how do you clean the cola off?

Hydrochloric Acid 🤣

and before someone without a sense of humour jumps in.....

No obviously not Hydrochloric acid and don't drink it either. 

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27 minutes ago, Harry Callahan said:

Might give it a try 👍

I was thinking water might leave it a bit sticky

No coca cola will leave it sticky.

Wash out repeatedly with clean water and finally with water with a little fairy liquid in it.

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