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Was out yesterday with canine in tow and he was a nightmare to handle, at elevenses, lunch and end of day it seemed to be a common problem across us all. . . . I got home and the wife said " The pup is all yours dear "

Was it a full moon party for all dogs as I've experienced it before but thought I'd ask PW if anyone can shed some sense on why some days dogs go off the rails while most of the time are rock solid?

Happy New Year to you all

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I was out on Tuesday, in the morning the dog flushed a cracking bird then chased it down the field!! 

He has been brilliant recently for sit to flush, no idea why he did that! Ran him on and he ran in on the next one as well. 

I put him back in the truck for the afternoon. I shot two drives without him. 

Got him back out for the last few drives and he was brilliant. Flushed 3 in a row sat to flush perfect. 

Picked 2 blind retrieves when told and delivered to hand, then flushed 2 more out of hedgerow and sat to flush perfect on both. Then picked a 100+ yard blind retrieve and delivered to hand. 


Thing they sometimes just have a funny 5 minutes! They're dogs, not robots eh. 

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On 31/12/2020 at 22:49, London Best said:

Never noticed anything on a full moon but strong wind seems to make dogs erratic/wild.

My primary school teacher used to say that about children and dogs. With HPRs a decent wind is needed to get the scent moving and then in gear. 

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