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Blustery day out

the hitman

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Hi Folks

The blustery conditions today had me out again on a local farm which seems to have more than its share of hungry pigeons.

Thankfully the choose field today had a thick hawthorn hedge at my back so I had some shelter, and I had the hide up and decoys out by 11.30am.

The pigeon in this area really do travel in huge flocks and, and took Geoff Garrods advice and tried not to educate 200 pigeons by only shooting at smaller flocks.

The sun was out and lightning up the decoys which made them stand out, the incoming pigeons were battling in 5 feet off the ground and mostly decoying well. There was long periods of inactivity followed by half a dozen quick kills. One flock of about 50 came in and I shot the  nearest one first following by a left to right crosser - as I am watching the second fall I watched in amazement as a further 2 fell behind it - 4 pigeons with 2 shots, I haven’t done that in years. 

The sun was replaced by very dark clouds and then heavy rain at 3pm - a quick pack up and dash to the vehicle but still got a soaking.

I had the pleasure of 3 roe deer running past the hide but no pictures of the 26 pigeons at the end of day as I was more interested in getting back to the car.25E304CD-72C9-414E-AD7B-2185F940FBDC.png.6958227a39b982aaac35941fbb9c9da0.png

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Yes, it was certainly blustery but excellent pigeon weather.  Been a long time since I had a multi kill.  Bunch of mallard coming up a river and swung through on the lead one and the second and third dropped stone dead:blush:

That's a day to remember.

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I went out on the rape last friday,very breezey,first shot knocked down three birds,next shot knocked down one bird and that was that  for the whole day.So i too had a treble for one shot,never done that before.It was nice to get out for the first time this year.

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