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Hi fellas I've been offered either a 97k in beech .177 just the rifle or a 97kt synthetic in .22 with weihrauch moderator bag and pellets for same price. Both rifles are in great condition and will be used for occasional short range pest control 20m max.

Any advice as always appreciated.



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On 10/03/2021 at 14:43, jamesleee123 said:

I've shot squirrels and the odd rat in the garden with the pcps  no problem, but if I want to go shoot targets I have to faff about re-zeroing, so I wanted a rifle I could grab when a bushy tail raids the bird feeder.

I have a .22 bsa lightening handy for exactly this reason . It carries hobbys in a pouch on the stock and is my go to gun for when I spot a bushy tail in my garden .

The pcps are great but I often need to react quickly and loading a mag isn't. 

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