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Taking the shine off new decoys

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Thanks mate will  nip to b&q

22 hours ago, Terry2016 said:

shine on decoys is not an issue, use them as they are birds will come close enough to shoot, when you have a few dead ones swap them for the decoys... and leave out deads

Last year it was an issue on a bright sunny day 100s were flaring away out of range some new decs were very shiny and some old were worn on parts  both lots were glinting

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On 05/04/2021 at 08:39, Centrepin said:

I repaint all mine with B&Q tester pots. No shine at all and you can make each one slightly differant. 

For crows I use any matt black and I've even experimented with underseal mixed with matt black to give a dull textured look.

They work so I'm happy and it's dirt cheap.


Paint pots.jpg

All my full body decoys are the dull rubber Flexicoys , once a year I touch up the white flanks on the necks and wing bars with White undercoat and they don't shine as much as some decoys plus they don't need re touching up for another year .

My shell ones are flock and find them ideal with a cane put through the small hole on there back and rest them on top of whatever crop I am shooting over , again very little shine .

I no longer shoot many Crows but when I did I had some old full body Pigeon decoys that did shine a bit so I very rarely used them , so rather than dump them I painted them Black with a tin of Sandtex masonry paint that was left over from a job we done years ago and is still as good as the day it was made .

If anyone is near and local you can have as much as you want free of charge . there is a good 3\4 of a gallon in my garage doing nothing and all you need to do is give me a P M and it is yours .

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