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  1. Thanks i had a airflow wf8 for about 20 years i paid £40 cracking line but after cracks in the line wear & tear an standing on it. I replaced it with a £14 john norris one great for the first 2 years then cracks appeared down the line giving vibrations off when retrieving. Got a £7 one last season but didnt seem right. So over the years companys have been bought out new lines come on to the market etc so was seek your opinions cheers
  2. Which brand of WF Fly Lines do PW members recommend for Reservoir fishing thanks .
  3. Tesco £7.50 a month sim only. No hassle ,once a year they revise / update the contract. Also any problems just nip in any tesco store. Top service no rip offs
  4. One was caught off north wales last week apparantly
  5. Thanks tightchoke very very usefull cheers
  6. Buy a manual flapper frame off ditchman if he still makes them, i had one years back worked a treat. Just stick a dead bird on
  7. Hi am after a pair of auto focus preferably , long distance binoculars majority of use will be 2 mile + i can go up to £2,000 any recomendations thanks in advance hushpower
  8. Mole skin jeans are rivieted at stress points. I have had a few pairs from john norris & had no problem till 3 years back after 3 wears all the pockets had gone through ,compared to other ones from them they had not been double stitched. Got on to them and they said we will send you out a pair from a different supplier. I wear mine for work & social in fact i live in them winter & summer lol. But i ask for the Country Estate brand that they recomended. I find them hard wearing for what they cost
  9. Thanks mate will nip to b&q Last year it was an issue on a bright sunny day 100s were flaring away out of range some new decs were very shiny and some old were worn on parts both lots were glinting
  10. Foxes can travel 14 miles in a night easily... they get about.
  11. hushpower


    Thanks good bloke elby
  12. hushpower


    Hi guys is elby still on PW ? Thanks in advance
  13. Alot of New Decoys unless flocked now adays have got a plastic shine on them whats the best way of getting rid of that any body tried with any success thanks
  14. Shanks pony. Do two trips i do sometimes if been on the hopps day b4. Take minimum carts batterys drinks etc can always nip back to vehicle if the days going well lol
  15. After a while of huggin gear miles spikes will start to poke through the bottom of the holdhall put a tin can in the bottom job sorted
  16. Thanks but really was after the ones they did bout 10 years back thanks
  17. HI as any body got a used pair of Seeland Keeper Wear Trousers that they dont use and would sell . Many thanks hushpower
  18. Very sturdy rotary still use mine of 12 yrs
  19. Yes you need good fitness on the moor very important and you will enjoy it much more
  20. On our moor we don't shoot till the end of august ,keeper wil do a bird count end of july to acess grouse numbers then make a decision about shoot days if any
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