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had a very lean winter period we never shot a bird on rape at all they had just vanished but the spring drilling improved things a little started on sat had 25 at the wrong end of the field needed to be the opposite end but farmer was drilling and rolling it,  sunday went back to the same farm and shot a field opposite birds are only flighting well after 2pm so had a decent afternoon picked 45  today went to a different area that was drilled 5 days ago good wind blowing made for some very hard shooting at times  but managed 52 picked 46 and a crow


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7 hours in the cold and sleet today (kent) and just 2 ferals and a squirrel to show for it, saw a fair few woodies above my decoys and they show a moments interest but then get spooked and disappear, not getting any closer than 50-60 yards. 😔

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Looks like persistence is paying off for you, very well done and some nice photos.👍

Two waisted days last week on drillings with just a half dozen down, we have had howling winds for the last few days and this morning , Tuesday the 6th April we woke to 2 inches of snow in the garden and a wind that would give you frostbite if you went out, So I'm staying in and going back over all the YouTube pigeon shooting videos to see if I missed any, the wife is not happy so she has emigrated to the kitchen to bake some bread, yeahhhhh result.

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