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Pop up hide recommendations

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I have an Ameri-step pop up hay bale blind.

Will hold two men shooting,a dog,shells,lunch and still have a bit of room.Takes a few minutes to set up and down although the taking down takes a bit of practice trying to get the sprung steel folded in the right way.

I tend to shoot sitting down in any hide but you can stand up with ease in this hide.There is a collapasble front net on runners that you are meant to slide down when getting up for the shot but in practice I leave it nearly fully open and don't move too much and never had any issues. 

They do come up on Ebay every now and again but there is also another make that I have seen for sale too but can't remember what they are called.

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7 hours ago, Walker570 said:

I don't think pop ups fit with pigeon shooting.  A roll of lightweight cam net and even just two adjustable lightweight poles(Aldi line props if against a hedge or fence will be adequate. Bit of natural cover added from nearbye job done.

I haven't got one but I recon they have the advantage in the middle of a field , keep the cold wind off you in the Winter and possibly the heat in the Summer , how hot they get inside I couldn't tell you but I am sure someone who use one will come along and tell us , also they have the advantage of being able to decoy in any direction while placed anywhere away the hedge line . they have got there uses but sadly to old now to be cramped up in one .

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