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Pigeon shooting at 600' above sea level.


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The weather has been bad for harvesting locally and many farmers haven't even started on their wheat.

This particular farm is high on the Wolds and crops are late to mature even in a normal season. The fields we were on today were rape stubble. Harvest only started on Tuesday evening. 

There were three fields with pigeons on when we arrived but no lines in. A helicopter arriving at the Jackdaws Castle horse training establishment next door helped us greatly by moving the assembled pigeons on as we watched. 

We rarely agree hide positions but this time it was obvious. I set up on the only bush along a wall line and my companion set up 50m to my right at the end of a strip of trees.

We had a steady two hours (as normal) shooting some long birds but missing close in ones and packed up just before a rain storm with 42 pigeons in the bag.



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For us to shoot 600 ft above sea level we would have to had been in that helicopter that helped you out with keeping the birds on the move , many a time I am shooting on fields below sea level with only a sea defence stopping me getting my feet wet :lol:

All our grain fields locally are now finished with many of them re drilled with next years rape and only a few fields of Beans left that need to be combined , today the weather have been brilliant after the overnight rain , we might have got the decent weather but you have got a good supply of Pigeons , can't have it all ways , or can you ? :good:

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Another good session Jdog! 
I drove up through the wolds during the week and noticed a fair bit of uncut crops…..amazing that I’m not too far away and all our rape was cut weeks ago now. Good result, those two hour sessions are certainly fruitful when you know what you’re doing. 

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