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Storms Babet and Ciaran weaved their way round the country recently but avoided the Cotswolds. This area did get rain but nothing compared to elsewhere. 

I saw an opportunity to shoot pigeons on a flightline on Thursday. I invited the friend who performed so badly on decoyed pigeons not long ago.

The wind was 20mph which was good but it was not the prevailing wind but one which veered between north and north east. This would cause me some anxiety as I have only ever watched this line with a south westerly wind.

We stood 80m apart. I shot the first three, all at 40m distance. This caused my companion some anxiety. Pigeons came sliding across the wind and over the belt of trees in front of us. They were magnificent and some were too quick for us.

My companion shot a beauty to get off the mark and then shot some screamers.

The line lasted for over an hour during which time we had approaching seventy shots. This was sport of the highest calibre. 

At the end of the session I went home for the dogs and returned to look for missing birds. Between the dogs and I we picked nineteen pigeons. I believe there were a couple not picked.


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