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New String for pull through


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Any members know what the type of string is called that was used in vintage pull through. Mate has one of these and needs new string and I have old awry one that could do with repair. It is a hemp type and about 3mm but don’t know what it would be called or where I could get some


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52 minutes ago, mellors said:

Para cord. 

Used it for years. 

Yes could use on mine but mate wanted it to look vintage like it was. It is a sort of waxed string

1 hour ago, Mr. Merkel said:

Hi Stimo22, cannot help you with the name of the cord, however I saw this on ebay recently it may be of use to you item 276097682729

Its pull through cord for Bren and enfield rifles dated 1944

Hope it maybe of help


That does look like the right thing, think I will order a couple and try. Thanks don’t think I would have found them

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