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AA s510 lock open last shot?


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had my sub 12 .177 s510 for many years now and like it very much
but recently picked up a new job to control many many pigeons in a cubicle shed and i keep loosing count of how many shots i fired meaning i end up dry firing.
anyone know if theres a way you could setup an s510 to lock the bolt open when empty?

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1 hour ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, not sure you can do that, if it is the same size air tube as a S410 i use to fill to 180 Bar down to 50 Bar and got 60 shots, just keep count, it will go to a lower Bar but do not let it get empty

shots from the air tank doesnt worry me, i've never shot enough in one sitting to need to refill, its the not knowing/forgetting if theres one in the mag that bugs me and normally ends up with me just dry firing by accident i want to solve

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As long as you don't push that blockage by force into the barrel accidentally. 

Often the issue with a mag that won't let you push the bolt forward after the last shot is ,  you can't store the empty mag in your gun .not an issue if you have on gun storage but not ideal to find you have gone out hunting and your magazine is in a pocket of your other jacket .

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Had this last night on the rats on an old bsa ultra mmc some one on here sold me😜 usually I can count to 8 ok ( so I usually have a spare pellet or 2 if a rat needs a humain finish ) but last night you guessed it I was out ! Luckily I could get to it with my welly as spare mags were little use sat on the back of the Van - dohhh !

lesson learned 


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