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  1. I have a Vortex Viper 6-24x50 on my 308 it hasn’t had had 200 rounds though it the scope is in marked with no scratches or damage & comes with a life time warranty l’m looking for £600 email for images kennymentz@aol.com
  2. think I might have one i'll check in the morning
  3. Its funny how we all talk tough after we have received our grants, its easy to forget the worry you have about not being given a grant,.... having said that the information is correct it's not a legal requirement to have experiance. I myself had shot air guns & shotguns for years but my FEO would've preferred if i'd of had experiance, we did the interview & i demonstrated I was a safe & measured person & the FEO said leave it with me, my ticket turned up the day before my shooting partners after we sent them off the same day the interesting thing is that a kind PW member t
  4. Cz seem to have started live as a budget make this is like skoda cars, in much the same way anyone who thinks their poor is foolish, my Cz's both shoot clover leaf at 100 yards they are well made and robust sure the bolt my not be as smooth as some but an hour on the polishing wheel sorted that out I would recommend them for Value for money and good performance Kennym
  5. yes my section 1 stays open AFTER THE TENTH SHOT!!!!!!!!
  6. You might as well of asked what rifle do you have... Browning Xbolt
  7. kennym

    port talbot

    The Chinese government subsidises steel production to the tune of 8 billion pounds a year, we cannot compeat no country can, we need to tax steel imports like the UDA & force the Chinese plants to close I lost my job in the Redcar steel plant 6 months ago
  8. I don't think it was ever up & running in the traditional sence its appointment only with no premises to my knowledge.... That's not to such an operation can't offer good service & value for money
  9. wow that went down hill fast
  10. Post 3 is this a wind up............ answer... "if not it should be",.........it should of ended there
  11. because your mp doesn't hold a duty of care that would be the government,....... maybe
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