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  1. Great offer, surprised your inbox is not flooded. Look at Scarecrows facebook group, nice friendly group.
  2. Somethings to consider: Is there another more readily available food source which a vixen will snaffle away? Are you lamping, are they lamp shy and have been previously scared off. Someone else local has already shot them. Personally I'd peg down the bait, and put a trail cam on it, so at least you'll have a rough idea on timings and who is visiting. I seem to recall that once the vixen goes to ground to give birth the dog fox will bring food to the Earth for her and leave it outside. Could it be the dog fox is getting his food elsewhere, and you saw the Vixen before s
  3. thanks, I have some Avon Skin so soft left over from my military days, had completely forgotten about that. cheers
  4. Hi All, I am looking at getting a second 22rf and think I have settled on the Tikka T1. Where I shoot there are a lot of biting insects so I end up using Jungle Formula which has a high deet content. In the past this has effected the plastic on my Binos, making it go soft and spongy. I was wondering if anyone had had a similar problem with synthetic stocks, particularly the Tikka T1 factory stock. cheers in advance
  5. Hi Longblower, What App are you using please. cheers Scout
  6. I recently went for the XS from Optic Fire, I am really pleased with it, ended up also getting a smaller interchangeable lens to use with the 22 for bunnies, keeping the bigger lens for centre fire fox.
  7. Yes, just need to add 4 x AA batteries and a micros SD card.
  8. Devon do seem to be slow, they are usually spot on, so guess they really have stopped most activities. I've been waiting about 6 weeks so far for a 1 - 1 variation, which is just pen pushing. They were great on the phone, and did say it would take up to 3 months, usually only takes them about week to 10 days. Fingers crossed for you Jan8p.
  9. Hi, Been shooting for years but always with out of the box kit. I'm thinking of getting a second RF ( probably Tikka T1X ) with a dedicated night set up, variation is currently in. On reading lots of reviews many seem to add a Picatinny Rail. This might sound like a daft question, but why would you add this? What advantages does it give you over tradition scope mounts? cheers Damean
  10. Thanks for all the feedback, ordered the Optic Fire XS67 last night, will let you all know how it pans out. Was a toss up between optic Fire and Ludicrous Lumens.
  11. Whats the battery time like with the 18650 batts?
  12. cheers WalkedUp will take a look
  13. Hi All, Does anyone have an experience of the OdePro KL52 lamp. I've been using Deben and Lightforce for years and both battery packs have now packed up. Looking for something a bit lighter and smaller. Will be used scope mounted mainly for bunnies and fox, in all reality max shooting distance is probably about 250metres. cheers Damean
  14. Thanks all, a good clean is in order. Will give it a go and then sand down if required. Cheers for the replies.
  15. Hi All, I have a CZ 452 rf, that has been as accurate as for the past 10 years plus, its started to be a little less accurate, of course it could be user error, but enough be to check it out. Its been a real workhorse, with only the occasional clean and oil. After giving it a good clean, I thought I'd check to see if the barrel was fully floated, never bothered to check before, hence my question... should it be floated as it definitely makes contact with the wooden stock on one side, near the fore end???? Thanks in advance. Cheers Damean
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