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  1. Very few at the far south of Devon. Would regularly take 10 - 15 a night, but I have only seen 2 in the last 12 months, a huge increase in foxes, so still plenty to do.
  2. Devon & Cornwall want a minimum of 3 years experience before opening a ticket up. I foolishly added a Centrefire after 2 years with Rimfire and that reset the clock so now have to wait until renewal at 5 years before it will be opened up. Having said that I know of 2 people who have had it inadvertantly opened up after a couple of months when they've sent it in for a variation.
  3. About 6 weeks is the norm, but they were saying up to 12 weeks when I last spoke to them in August.
  4. My Howa loves it in 243, and half the proce of other factory loads.
  5. nice and easy job , total cost about £500 ish quid if you do it yourself. Steve Parker do a manifold conversion, then you just need to work out the pipes. Will take best part of a weekend including sorting out little snags. From memory you need tocut off the bottom of the radiator / intercooler location pegs, but nothing serious. The engine sits in on the existing mounts. I found it easirt to buy an old Disoc when I did mine, then you have all the parts you need from the donar. Sold the alloys for about £100 and got about £150 scrap for the body as well.
  6. Its the far left on under the seat looking from the front ( if my memory serves me right )
  7. My 243 loves it, and less than half price anything close.
  8. Know a thing or two about landys, whats your problem?
  9. If you email Aaya from the contacts section of their website they will send you the model and manufacture details.
  10. Certianly a number of companies in the past including my current employer have some set shutdown periods whereby you have to take annual leave to cover that period. This is and always has been in full support of the unions.
  11. Hi mate from Plymouth. There is a gun shop in Ivybridge which is pretty tidy owner is called John, very friendly and helpful, also Trago do a selection of cheaper air rifles, not sure onthe quality there though.
  12. Hi mate welcome from Plymouth
  13. Himate welcome to PW from sunny Plymouth
  14. Just a wipe over with a lightly oiled rag after each use. Pulled an oily cloth through the barrel the other day just cos I was bored but have fired about 5000 through it and no adverse effects. Use mainly winnie rounds and find them a little waxy, and use a tooth brush on the extractor claws, but thats about it. Don't bother wiping them off before use.
  15. I had a similar experience with land that had been passed years ago. The reasoning from D& C was that previously the land was only checked for what the holder requested, but now it is checked for the maximum allowable calibre, irrespective of what is requested. I was asking for a 243 and land was cleared up to 308 so no probs re a land check if i decide to change.
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