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  1. Have you tried Calibre and Bore, gunsmiths in Newton Abbot, I've not personally used them but a buddy had some repairs done and they did a great job.
  2. spot on. I've ordered another set as aback up. For £7.99 they are spot on. I got 4 hours and gauge showed just over half gone.
  3. Hi All I have recently picked up a Tikka T1X added an extended picatinny rail and dropped a Sightmark Wraith on top. Took it out to my main perm last week to zero it in. I have it spot on but it is at the maximum extent of the adjustment in the down direction. I feel that I should shim it so that it comes back towards the middle, especially as zeroing is so easy with a digital scope. My question is would a shim made from a drinks can work? and secondly where should it be placed. Does it go below the rail ( ie between the rail and the action ) or remove the mount from the bottom of the Wraith and place it between the scope and the mount? Thanks in advance Damean
  4. Here's the link for the batteries 4x AA Japan Rechargeable Battery (ampsplus.co.uk)
  5. Thanks, i've ordered some ladda batteries, will see how they perform, £7.99 for 4
  6. I picked one up today in 22lr 16" , typically started to rain as soon as I got home, can't wait to get out and play over the weekend if the boss allows.
  7. Hi All, I took the plunge today and bought a Wraith. any advice on which rechargeable batteries and chargers work well please for the scope. I'm guessing it will chew through Duracell AAs like there's no tomorrow. I had thought about the Kendrill Lithium AA from Ampsplus but don't know which charger to go for, any advice on what other are using would be great please. cheers Damean
  8. Was thinking up to 50 at a time, so doesn't need to have a massive capacity. I don't need new shiny, but clean and functional, its for pest control ammo not target shooting.
  9. Hi All, Just starting to think about reloading my win .243, I have a good buddy who is going to teach me and let me use his kit to start with. Pulling together a shopping list and wondered what everyone was using to clean their used brass. Is a dry media tumbler, wet tumbler or ultrasonic the way forward? Thanks in advance Damean
  10. Great offer, surprised your inbox is not flooded. Look at Scarecrows facebook group, nice friendly group.
  11. Somethings to consider: Is there another more readily available food source which a vixen will snaffle away? Are you lamping, are they lamp shy and have been previously scared off. Someone else local has already shot them. Personally I'd peg down the bait, and put a trail cam on it, so at least you'll have a rough idea on timings and who is visiting. I seem to recall that once the vixen goes to ground to give birth the dog fox will bring food to the Earth for her and leave it outside. Could it be the dog fox is getting his food elsewhere, and you saw the Vixen before she went to ground?? Its so frustrating when you think you have it all sorted, and the cunning little ******* some how evade your best laid plans. Good luck and keep at it.
  12. thanks, I have some Avon Skin so soft left over from my military days, had completely forgotten about that. cheers
  13. Hi All, I am looking at getting a second 22rf and think I have settled on the Tikka T1. Where I shoot there are a lot of biting insects so I end up using Jungle Formula which has a high deet content. In the past this has effected the plastic on my Binos, making it go soft and spongy. I was wondering if anyone had had a similar problem with synthetic stocks, particularly the Tikka T1 factory stock. cheers in advance
  14. Hi Longblower, What App are you using please. cheers Scout
  15. I recently went for the XS from Optic Fire, I am really pleased with it, ended up also getting a smaller interchangeable lens to use with the 22 for bunnies, keeping the bigger lens for centre fire fox.
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