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  1. philm

    Pigeon sales

    Does any one know who will buy/take pigeons in the North West. Freezers full and farmer want's more clearing from his fields.
  2. philm

    Anyone Used A Puncture Repair Kit ?

    I had one of mine repaired after using the tyre repair kit. Got a small bolt stuck in another one, the kit couldn't repair that one.
  3. philm

    Pick up interior lights

    Normally if you hold the switch on the light for a few seconds, it stops the sensors turning them on.
  4. philm

    Where to go on holiday

    1/2 price for PW members?
  5. philm

    Where to go on holiday

    Sri Lanka.
  6. philm

    Trailer Insurance

    Isn't that only while towing.
  7. After losing my dog last year to a brain tumor, I have now took the plunge and got a Lab pup, 8 weeks old. So now the fun begins
  8. philm


    Some one with 3D printer could make you one.
  9. philm

    lots of leather shooting goods.

    Wallet with card slots please. How do you want payment?
  10. philm

    Oil service light.

    Ask Seat to pay, they did the service and should have reset it.
  11. philm

    new Browser suggestions.

    I'm using chrome, I had adblock plus installed, now removed and just have the standard adblock installed. Stopped the problems with pages loading. Don,t think adblock plus likes chrome.
  12. philm

    A1 Decoy speed controller

    Have you checked the charger?
  13. philm