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    Goose shooting

    Eve pal I Have a static van on the solway and will be up regular this coming season. I've taken a few friends up and shown em around and they have managed to shoot there 1st pink aswell. I'm happy for you to tag along if you are willing to share the petrol cost and maybe few beers. Pm me if you don't have any luck fellow.

    thorne and district wildfowlers

    I'm a member of kirksandall wildfowling club and have been for 9yrs. We have taken on 11 New members this season. Worth contacting Rob foster club secretary for next time round. Pm me if you want his contact No.
  3. I have a light force Rmsm170 Stricker and a Double Deben Battery pack which fastens around yr waist. The lightforce 170Stricker has been on my rapid 7 and have had many good eve lamping. It also comes with a red filter. Would prefere collect only. Pm me for pictures and I will email to you. £100 all in.

    sony cybershot camera for sale

    I HAVE A SONY CYBERSHOT DIGITAL CAMERA TO SELL 14.1 MEGA PIXELS 5 OPTICAL ZOOM 26mm Wide 2.7 lcd screen Battery Sandisk 4.gb card and all leads. CAMERA NOW SOLD Really nice camera,hardly used. £48 include post Pm me if interested.
  5. would u take 450 for the rapid 7

    1. SHADEYADE16

      308 moderator

      can u pm me yr email or mobby no and i can send u a pic from me iphone ade
    2. SHADEYADE16

      308 moderator

      taken off
    3. SHADEYADE16

      newbie from doncaster

      welcome m8y
    4. SHADEYADE16

      Rolex Watches

      just sold my rolex submaria paid £3550 2yrs ago. anyway i had to sell as i needed the money,and sold it for £3050 to a dealer. he has it on his shelf selling for £3800 which what the retail price was 2yrs ago. was told rolex always keep around there price,if you can afford it buy a rolex daytona stainless steel. ade
    5. SHADEYADE16

      A visit to Kirton marsh 3rd Nov 2011

      i was thinking the same thing yesterday morning! and mine is 45 min drive to get to,but its all worth it when the geese are coming over,and seeing the sunrise,and all awakes around you. keep it up m8y.
    6. SHADEYADE16

      Virgin Media or Sky TV

      i have sky + its great to keep the other half happy recording her soaps etc. while i watch fishing and documentries etc. all in all have had no probs. if u look at the gadget show website they will give you the difference between them all best
    7. SHADEYADE16

      Sika Does,

      great pics but my fav so far are of the kingfisher you posted
    8. SHADEYADE16

      Dog Vest (x2) Cabela Neoprene