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  1. FalconFN

    NV help

    I don't know the archer particularly, but if you didn't knock the rifle then it could just be parallax error . If the parallax is out and NV unit doesn't sit exactly where you're eye sits then your poa will be off. scope with adjustable objectives are best with add on NV units so you can adjust for the different focus point for infrared light.
  2. FalconFN

    Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    That’s right, it is. That’s probably why he never won a Nobel prize as his theory has not yet been proven. It also took years to prove Einstein’s theories, I think one was only proved last year - that’s a 100 years of the biggest brains looking for evidence. As black holes are a very long way away, very hard to find and even harder to collect data on, it’s not surprising nothing has been proven. Yet. He was one of the brightest minds and most influential scientists of the era and had a massive impact on many people, including me, to see the overwhelming beauty and sheer mind-bending vastness of the universe.
  3. FalconFN

    Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    His biggest ‘discovery’ is his theory that black holes aren’t closed systems but radiation can leak out (Hawking radiation), which I believe used quantum theory to calculate in some mind-bogglingly clever way. But his biggest contribution to science was probably his ability to convey incredibly complex ideas to the world in an understandable way, like Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, but much a more iconic figure.
  4. FalconFN

    Red breast

    Very nice indeed, you must have been amazingly close to the little chap (or chap-ess)
  5. FalconFN

    Tower flintlock help

    Interesting. I'm just beginning to do a bit of research so have no idea if it was for a pistol or musket, or f there is a difference. I take it yours a pistol? Very nice figuring on the woodwork.
  6. FalconFN

    Tower flintlock help

    Thanks Chris. I hope so, it's not in great shape but if it's genuine it will go on my very, very long list of things to do! Thanks.
  7. FalconFN

    Tower flintlock help

    ha, might as well be as I've not been shooting or a year - work, self-building an extension.
  8. FalconFN

    Tower flintlock help

    I've just picked up an old flintlock action that belonged to my dad and has been sitting in a drawer for years. It has been crudely repaired - the spring has been welded and there are some modern bolts, but I don't know if it is is a genuine Tower action or not. I'm assuming it's a copy of some sort but if any of you knowledgeable people have any insights I'd be interested in hearing them. I've not cleaned it up yet but there is a little crude engraving on it and the name Tower but no other makings that I can see.
  9. FalconFN

    Kell Brook v Gennady Golovkin (Spoiler Alert)

    +1. Truly awesome fighter, if he could move his head more he'd be the perfect boxer.
  10. FalconFN

    Farage and Trump

    These things are slightly subjective, but Clinton (Bill) was actually a pretty successful president in many ways and certainly redressed the balance after many many years of Republican presidencies. Just to clarify, impeachment is just the name given to the process of questioning an official in office, it isn't a guilty verdict or even strictly related to a trial. I think he was ultimately cleared of any charges but it was a little sordid and a degrading thing, although not strictly relating to policy or his ability as a president, it was damaging to his reputation. I totally agree with island gun, not a great choice for the US either way, but the least objectionable (and least dangerous) has surely to be Hillary.
  11. FalconFN

    Cutting Down T38 Torch

    You won't need to if you're only using 4.2V. I used two 18650s to get enough to power the camera (8.4V) but I added a buck converter to step down enough for the viewfinder and T20.
  12. FalconFN

    Heads up aldi bargain

    Not here, still £69 in store.
  13. FalconFN

    Woodburner glass

    +1 Cleans just as well as any glass cleaner and it's free.
  14. FalconFN

    Night time photo

    You'd be surprised at what you can get with short (sub 10 second) exposures with a decent sensor. If your camera has low noise at 2500 iso then a good clear winters night (and no light pollution) will get you an amazing shot with foreground and no star movement.
  15. FalconFN

    Olympic Medals

    I would have thought that they compete for the glory and the kudos rather than the metal-ware. If they only wanted gold they'd be better off saving their energy and nipping off to Argos.