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  1. Evening chaps (I'm assuming still no chapesses still, due to the speed they get scared off by the PW massive!) long time no post, but still about! I've recently had an accident which, in short, is going to severely compromise my right eye vision for at least a year, quite possibly permanently. My left eye was becoming dominant anyway due to a slight degradation in the right which I resolved using a tape 'patch'. So, seeing as I can't use my right eye now, I figure the best solution is to learn to shoot off my left shoulder and left eye. It sounds easy if you read it fast! Other than having to teach new muscle memory, how difficult is this likely to be? It feels very alien to mount a gun in my left shoulder, but I guess I'll get used to that, what are the other issues to overcome? If you had to do this I'd be VERY keen to hear your experiences.
  2. I'd guess that if you got the laser straight in its eye, then like us it'd make it jump!
  3. Mmmm, loving the 90, all that needs is a cage, too much for my tastes though! Not loving the bulkhead on the Series though.
  4. I went with the missus to the Brighton show. While not really my cuppa, I have to say he put on a bloody good show. Not bad at all for a bloke a year off his seventieth!
  5. While not quite the vernacular I would have used, I completely agree with the gist of your post.
  6. Somehow, through the back door, it has become fashionable to champion the minority at the expense of the majority, and somehow the majority has lost its voice and power. If you are 'normal' you are sidelined, if you are a 'cause celebre' then of course your opinion counts and must be heard. It's another thing I suspect Mr Farage and co will appreciate rather than denigrate as at least they seem to live in the real world.
  7. Farmer? I suspect not. More likely a 'gentleman' of means who decided he fancied the country life, bought a house with 'a bit of land' and decide he really should have a pop at this livestock malarkey! You did everything you should, now crack on with your business and let him mind his!
  8. Oh ok, wanted a proper Range Rover but didn't have quite enough to buy one so got an ex Police motor at auction?
  9. Not if he's doing 70. Well not legally anyway... Still immaterial though
  10. Immaterial. The Highway code states that if it is clear and safe to do so then you should always travel in the left hand lane on the motorway (lane 1). Lanes 2 and 3 are for overtaking only, this would include pulling out to accommodate joining traffic moving at a slower pace.
  11. Agreed that you should, but I'm sure you've seen people hurtle down the slip road to eventually check a mirror, discover there's an artic in the way and then having to stomp the anchors to save being squished. Almost daily on the M23 for me!
  12. All of the above is spot on! I had a Torrent 2 and now a Roar 2, both have been perfect. Left the blinking Torrent in a hotel wardrobe that magically vanished when checked for!
  13. Will do the same. How do we pay?
  14. You have GOT to be having a laugh! 41 pages this thread has reached, and agree or disagree with what he has had to say, he has been here on just about every page of those 40, either putting information out there, responding to comments and all the while taking constant flack! I'd say he has more than discharged any responsibilities he may morally have, because I don't think BASC employ him to PW forums bitch. Like what he had to say or not, I have to admire the man for his patience and tenacity!
  15. When a bitch carries a pup, what part of it's body does she carry it by? The handling in that vid was rough in my opinion but not abusive. I agree the smack was probably not necessary after the scruffing but that's a judgement made after 5 minutes of video. I stick by my assertion that at times dogs need physical correction. You may not agree with that Neil, that is your right of course as it is others right to hold a different opinion. I suspect that the reason the RSPCA haven't acted against him already is because they judge there isn't a case.
  16. Personally I think there is a world of difference between smacking a dog and beating a dog. A reprimand smack is something I have used with both my dogs, but it's no different to how I was smacked as a child. However, there is no excuse for punching/kicking/throwing a dog. In my opinion, a sharp slap is more than enough to get the message across. I actually used 'scruffing' much more than slaps, and you have to remember that dogs live in a physical world. If they are disciplined/discipline in the pack, it's generally a bite!
  17. To be fair, the other place was not a commercial enterprise, so no advertisers involved and they felt that all of the 'dead' accounts were just a waste, particularly when they started doing group mailings and such like. May have been a site 'space' issue as well. Interesting that even the mods are aware that there's only a small percentage of the total of PW members that are active, but BASC seem to think the number representative. The comment made to me by a BASC rep was ' As regards pigeonwatch, approx. 40 people oppose the proposals in a thread on the wildfowling section ... ... There are approx. 32,000 registered members on pigeonwatch'. That seemed to me an attempt to make the debaters look an insignificant number. I'm not knocking them to be honest, but wonder if the 'fowlers got such short shrift as they were such a 'tiny minority'.
  18. One of the emails I received during the dealings and conversations over the changes to the GL, suggested that it was a tiny minority of the PW members who were getting involved in the (40 page) debate, as apparently PW has over 33,000 members! I find this hard to believe to be honest, but, if it is true it must be a figure arrived at from the number who have ever 'joined' PW rather than the current users. Another biking page I'm involved recently had a cull. They posted up that people should add their names to the post if they wanted to stay. The post was stickied to the top of the page for a month, then all members other than those who had responded were deemed inactive...and deleted. They went from a membership of 3500 to just over 300, about 10%. If this were to happen here, how many do you think we'd end up with? 3500? I tend to doubt it!
  19. The old ones are the best, and it's stolen not original, but, as stolen lines go, some Shakespeare is a good one to quote.
  20. Evo, I normally have a lot of time for you and your thoughts, but on this one I'm struggling to work out where you're coming from. It's an air rifle, so a pellet falling back to earth is going to have so little energy left, I doubt it'd even sting. It looks as though (and has been stated to have been) shot over private ground, so no issues there then and nothing in the vid suggests a danger to anyone else. As for other people seeing this and trying to copy, you've only got to look on YouTube for a whole raft of far more dangerous 'challenges'! Sorry mate, IMO this much ado about nothing. Nice bit of fun shooting from a young and obviously gifted lad though, I'd like to see the nay sayers pull it off, especially Mr 'Catapult and Marbles'! LOL
  21. As per the title, I am selling a Brattonsound ST3 gun cabinet, it's approved, double locking and has two sets of keys. The only variation from completely standard is that it has two 10mm holes in one side where I had it bolted into a side wall as well as the back wall. Collection is from just outside Brighton, I could maybe meet you halfway within reason and also spend quite a bit of time around Crawley/Gatwick. It's this one, http://www.jsramsbottom.com/products/gunsafes-shotgun-safes/gs-st3-brattonsound-sentinel-st3---23-shotgun-full.html Can send pics if required, but at the end of the day a gun safe is a gun safe! £75.00
  22. Give http://www.oceanviewdiving.co.uk/ a shout, they are who I use and never had issue with them yet, can't remember what a test costs though.
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