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  1. I have one of these. My gunsmith said it was equivalent to a AYA no.2. They're nice weapons
  2. I saw around ten birds that were likely wounded. Of those that hit the earth , some would be dead or die from wounds quickly. Just because they thrash about ,doesn't mean they are wounded.
  3. Motty can't hit them , let alone film them up there.Just jesting. Motty is right , you can't see them up there on camera.
  4. I remembered my password , eventually Mr.Motty. That's a nice film you put together. I like shooting with Wayne, we always have a good laugh and if you're happy ,you tend to shoot well. He did some lovely shots that day, I was almost impressed.
  5. Big lead shot is poor at patterning. If you fire it slowly , buffer it and use tight to very tight , you can make it behave very well. I found a little 2 3/4 " Winchester buck shot cartridge , buffered ,and patterned it at 60 yards. 100% pattern. You can do the same yourself but standard factory stuff is usually useless.
  6. I really really like modern subtitles , they make me die with laughter.
  7. That were nice to meet you JD , what with one thing and another we had a good flight . I weren't quite doing them old birds a proper job , but they aren't easy in a wind. I see you knock some gooduns over and we had a good time. Watching you RUN back to the motor several times for more ammunition and the look of disbelief at the hordes of birds coming through was rewarding. We get seasons like that now and again and it's nice for a good ol bor to share it.
  8. I agree that 46 grains CSBO is quite a big powder charge ,considering I used to shoot 1 5/8 steel with 38 grains CSBO and that went 1350 fps and was stunningly effective . I don't use Sam1 wads anymore , although cheap , I get better result with TPS and the quality is so much better .
  9. I don't believe it's over pressure that separates the wad. It's just as likely the choke doing the damage. Especially if you use wad wizard type chokes.
  10. He spent ages in photo shop to make himself look slim.Even the smile is enhanced.
  11. I would sue the owners if they have been negligent. They might have killed a person and devastated the family.
  12. There is no mess with a twelve bore. Stand off a few yards and shoot them in the ribs. Very quick.
  13. No mess and very quick. Shoot them in the ribs . I can't take them to the vets , sometimes they know what's coming.
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