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  1. landy george

    Chokes for John Macnab lowlander 12g

    This is where I got mine from when I had it https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/ Hope this helps
  2. landy george

    Help required - refrigeration engineer - E.Herts - W.Essex

    I don't know anybody that could help you out for cash but we us these at work that will be able to do it http://artelrefrigeration.co.uk/
  3. landy george

    Adrian Flux 4x4 & off roading insurance

    Try 2Getherinsurance next time you need to renew. I've been with flux for years but just changed to these, same price but full comp not TPFT
  4. landy george

    Anyone Used A Puncture Repair Kit ?

    My last 2 cars didn't have a spare......first one was 2007................where have you been for the last 11 years ditchman only pulling your leg Both cars I got a spare wheel & jack for. Call me old fashioned
  5. landy george

    House down valuations

    We had the option of lose 10k and put it back on the market to still get the same amount . Lucky they wanted it that much we agreed on 5k. The market is slow at the moment but we live just north of London so people moving out of London can get a bigger house for less money so still selling at the moment
  6. landy george

    House down valuations

    This has just happened to me with the sale of our house was going to be 10k but got away with 5k drop in the end. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44202542
  7. landy george

    Torque wrench .

    Here's the one I've got https://www.drapertools.com/product/30357/1-2inch-Square-Drive-30-210Nm-or-22-1-154-9lb-ft-Ratchet-Torque-Wrench But also use a smaller one (beam type) for the lower end.
  8. landy george

    Wildfowling Dogs

    A lab of 10 now retired, was red but now red & white. A new pup for this season who is a fox colour
  9. landy george

    Insa Turbo Tyres

    Nothing wrong with insa turbo Dakar here, my first set did over 20k miles & only took them off cos I didn't want to swop them over in the winter time. I'm getting to old for laying around on the cold wet floor. Sold them on still with 5mm of tread left. Can't going wrong for the money but the bigger sizes you may have problems balancing them, ended up putting in dyna beads (devon 4x4) in them in the end.
  10. landy george

    Hatsan escort 12g v3 chokes

    Just make sure you order the right thread, outside diameter and pitch. Mine must have been a Friday afternoon one as it wasn't the right pitch the first time round. http://www.shotgunchokes.co.uk/index.php
  11. landy george

    Essex Charity clay shoot

    Thanks to everyone who turned up, they raised £3200
  12. landy george

    Improving lock.

    As they have said but I won't recommend spacers, rims with more offset & then move the lock stops would be the way to go. Just make sure they don't rub on the arms on full lock
  13. landy george

    Browning auto 5 serial number date

    Like the man said 1964 You don't need the 64 when putting the serial number on your license as i found out Hope you enjoy it
  14. landy george

    Gun cabinet change

    I just checked my emails, I sent an email just saying I'd put a new cabinet in & size just before I got an FAC. When they come round to check me for the FAC he checked the cabinet had an ammo safe. Don't think it hurts just an email to let them know what your doing, after all we've all got nothing to hide