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  1. You should try online application with payment at the end a lot easier, just download all the details & pictures/forms
  2. Yes but I'm in Essex. Try this https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/apply/firearms-licensing/apply-or-renew-a-firearms-licence/
  3. I already had the doctors report done a couple of weeks beforehand & I live in a small village so the doctors are on our side & used to country life.
  4. Mine was due in September so put in for it very early, only took 2 weeks from start to finish in Essex. Did it on-line, the only problem it kept crashing & you have to start from the beginning again......................4 times Two phone calls on the same days, turned up in the post. Excellent service.
  5. The biggest problem is when it crashes you have to start at the beginning again, 3rd time it crashed on payment 😒 Got there in the end & only took 2 weeks in Essex.
  6. Will the 28b conversation fit a MK5 ?
  7. That's why I put mine in 20 weeks early. I had no problems with the GP the hardest bit was doing the renewal on-line, 3 times it crashed before it worked in the end. I have a mate who took 7 weeks to hear from the GP & then he won't do it so then had to go to BASC
  8. I put in for a renewal for both shotgun & FAC on the 7th. Got a phone call in the morning on the 16th then a call in the afternoon. Turns up in the post yesterday (22nd) You can't ask for better than that...........................just need a shop to open now for my new toy 😁
  9. Don't forget a good hide
  10. I was told the first 2 numbers are the year it was made on my FN so I'm guessing 1961
  11. I've got a small galvanised bin in the garden, then once a fortnight goes in the waste bin.
  12. Sorry my mistake, I use Brazier or Homefire smokeless ovals not coal.
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