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  1. Sorry my mistake, I use Brazier or Homefire smokeless ovals not coal.
  2. Wood if you want heat & now & keep feeding it all the time, coal will last longer but less heat & last all night if you fill it up & close off the vents. Found B&M to be the cheapest down my way (£3.99 a bag)
  3. Same here for the S-Boston
  4. Yes he's done dummy retrieves from & over water no problems, he just gets excited when it's got feathers. He has got better since the start of the season & he's getting the message when he's playing on the other side of the fleet. Just keep calm walk away & he'll come back with it.
  5. 1,2,3 Yes, now he does but at the beginning of the year he didn't. He's learnt a lot over the summer at training with the wildfowling club. You're probably right, it looks like he's enjoying himself too much to come back to me & as I walk away he doesn't want to left behind.
  6. My lab's just over 2 now & he's come a long way over the off season. Just one thing I'm having problems with & need help. When retrieving a shot bird from water he doesn't want to come back. He wants to just splash about & play with the bird, the only way I can get him to come back is start walking away. That's easy to do when on land but when out on the marsh I'm not going to be able to do that. Any advise would be grateful otherwise I'm going to be doing a lot of walking.
  7. landy george


    Here's the one I've got, only problems was camera's picking up too much movement (tree) & recording everything but you can fine tune out. https://www.safe.co.uk/products/swann-4-channel-4-camera-5-megapixel-true-detect-thermal-sensing-cctv-kit.html
  8. I know someone who's dog lost an eye to barbed wire, so you're not wrong there.
  9. I'd check the edge with an eye glass to see what going on with it.
  10. Now not available as being sold with the gun
  11. Kicks full Invector plus choke that come out of my Maxus. Very little use, about 30 shots max. Asking £50 posted, would like bank transfer or cheque no paypal
  12. I've got one of these out the front on PIR & one out the back on a switch https://www.toolstation.com/zinc-slimline-led-pir-floodlight-ip65/p74413 Been up about 10 months with no problems.
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