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  1. that depends what you mean by nothing else, loads of other air rifles but i think all the S200s are .177
  2. WD or diesel for 24 hours if that doesn't work boiling water and the cold a few times the boiling water and spray wd inside the choke should see it moving, it may take a few attempts.
  3. https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/searchresults.asp?pg=1&ps=25&st=D&sale_no=S0122&subs_value=5&index=view
  4. If anyone is after the above Holts have **** loads of them in the January sale
  5. Saying the gun just went off and had done so before is really a very good argument, all they are really saying is that we knew the gun was faulty and could go off at any time possibly causing death or injury but we carried on using it anyway!
  6. Have you tried quad bikes Wales?
  7. bluesj

    Space Rock

    May be they do! 😱
  8. bluesj

    Space Rock

    Just watching on the new the launch of a rocket that is going to knock a space rock off course to see if the idea could work for protecting the earth at some time. So they are going to slam a rocket in to a rock that at the moment is not heading for earth, how can that go wrong?!
  9. In this case I can't see any reason not to, so instead of best male artist and best female artist it will be just best artist, jobs a good un.
  10. I could be argued that if you bury then you would be breaking abp rules.
  11. most won't give an open unless you can show a need for it, if you only have one bit of ground why would you need an open ticket? if you are contacting the police checking ground every couple of months or have a job that needs it you will probably be give an open ticket.
  12. The couple of things that i have noticed are fuel ,up to £1.539 in at least one place around here and cartridges , got 250 20b 24/ 7 and 500 12b 24/7 last week and they were over £180 last lot were about £150.
  13. bluesj

    Azeem Rafiq

    As we (or at least I) don't know what was said how can any one really have much of a view on it. Banter can be pretty full on at times the fast place i worked I was the short ***** ****** and the lad i worked with was the fat four eyed ****!
  14. Nature still could solve it with this pandemic, the next mutation could be the one that kills 50% of the population
  15. Look at the ships sailing around ! https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:4.7/centery:61.0/zoom:3 and cow farts are the biggest problem facing the world!
  16. Was going to say try the US much cheaper for parts
  17. bluesj


    As I said in another post until the powers that be start telling the truth about climate change nothing much can happen, and the chances of a politician ever telling the truth are zero
  18. Is it just the vape or are others such as gum or patches going to be on the nhs? ps. I've got some gum and patches bought 7 months ago and not used if anyone wants them.
  19. Any one ever wondered why 1880 is the date to start temperature estimates from? Could it be that it was the end of the little ice age? You could go back to some where between 1050 and 1300 ad and work from there, we still have a long way to go before reaching those temperatures. We are screwing the world up but I'm not convinced that co2 is the biggest problem we are causing after all co2 was at around 180 ppm a hundred or so years ago, plants will start to die at 150ppm so it could be argued that was a close call! The climate is changing and will change with or without us and I think we should try to limit what we do that could change it for the worse I also think a lot of what the powers that be are saying we should do (but not them) is a bit like king Canute!
  20. bluesj


    They won't, if they think farming is so bad but flying off on holiday is ok there isn't a lot of hope really! And until there is some honesty in the reporting of climate change that won't change!
  21. bluesj


    Metaverse. Isn't that something from the chronicles of riddick films?
  22. The one that glued his face to the road looked like he was in a bit of discomfort, so at least he was trying! 😁
  23. I mostly shoot corvids not really any number of pigeons on the bits of ground i shoot.
  24. Isn't £1.15 a month a just a tad under the minimum wage? or do you only work 7 minutes a month
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