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  1. Its because its crumbled up dry by a lot of people then milk added. If you add the milk to the wheatabix and let it soak in a bit, you can break it up with your spoon without it ending up all over the worktop.
  2. 460g plain flour 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda 250g salted butter softened 200g soft brown sugar 2-3 tablespoons ground ginger (I use the 3 for very hot ginger biscuits) use freshly bought as it loses flavour if stored for a long time once opened. 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon --------‐---------------------- 100g golden syrup 120g treacle Optional extra: 50g of finely chopped crystallised ginger. Add with the syrup and treacle. Vary amount of powdered ginger if you add this. Put first 6 ingredients in a bowl and mix well (I use a Kenwood K beat
  3. Checked the roof and this mornings coating had dried. Put the second coat on just now as the weather looks dubious for tomorrow. I can roller the shed roof (12x8) in less than an hour. Shame the workshop roof is tile, as a roller won't get into the gaps. Its so much faster than using a brush.
  4. Living 1.5 miles from Sherwood Forest and walking the dogs there as a child. Fishing in Wellow dam and the River Maune. Taking a picnic and going swimming in the Maune. Hiking miles over the Derbyshire Dales with my Parents and Sister on day trips. Camping on small farm sites from Scotland to Cornwall and exploring the coastall paths and beaches. Catching my first mackerals in Dawlish Warren. It was an idilic 50's and 60's childhood.
  5. Shame the students haven't got anything better to do like studying. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  6. Now its green. Now its black. First coat of fibre reinforced bitumastic on the shed roof.
  7. They had ran out of it when I made my wedding cake. 😘😚
  8. loriusgarrulus


    Or you can leave them be(e).
  9. A few from the wood. They grow without any input from me though. The only one I am sure is edible is the chantrelle
  10. The loft is way down the list of priorities. It is cram packed with junk that needs mainly chucking. The good point is that my Daughter wants to look for some stuff of hers that is up there, so I should get some help with that.
  11. Thankyou Mel. Its only because I am mean and object to paying someone a lot of cash for something I can do myself for a fraction of the price. I am saving the dosh for when it comes to something I can't do myself. Today I have cleaned all the moss, dead leaves and rotting sour cherries from next doors tree off the shed roof. Ran dilute bleach across it from the hose to rinse off any residue. Now got to leave it to dry before I can bitumastic it. This evening and next couple of days are predicting rain showers, so it might be a day or 2 before I can get on it.
  12. On a high note. Despite heavy rain last night and showers today there is not sign of water ingress in the workshop.
  13. I painted all round the edges first as far as I could reach apart from where the ladder onto the roof was going for roof access as I had a stable base for a step ladder. This avoided spending much time on the actual roof at that point and the flat treads are better for my feet on the step ladder. I only went onto the roof when I had too, as I couldnt reach the top part with the long handled brush. Once I had to get onto the roof I did work back to the access point. It never occured to my to tie the roof ladder and other ladder together as it was wedged against a wall at the bottom and wit
  14. Double the fun and the training.
  15. Apply a cooled wet tea bag 3-4 times a day till it clears. (No milk or sugar) If its not cleared within 3 days or starts to get worse take her to the vet. This does work really well for most minor eye infections in the early stages.
  16. I had some clear lamp oil which I found removes bitumastic. (It also removes sticky label residue) Pumice soap gets bitumastic off your skin with a bit of scrubbing. I put long sleeved rubber gloves on so there was only bitumastic to remove off my elbows and ankles. Why it got on my elbows I don't know as the overalls had long sleeves too. I even managed not to scratch my nose this time or move my glasses which was a minor miracle. Thats a neat job of re-felting. I don't think I would be up to doing that. Its took me all my time to coat the existing felt tiles. The worst bit was gett
  17. Workshop roof all finished now. Got the shed roof to finish another day. Its too hot now. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Did you know you can see my Landrover from up there. DIY tip: Don't lean against the kitchen sink untill you have taken your overalls off.
  18. That pot looks brilliant. All the better for the fact you made it and didn't spend a fortune. I painted live yogurt on some griffin statues that were raw yellowy coloured concrete. I got moss and lichens and allsorts of aged colouring on them very quickly. They look really good now.
  19. Bitumastic. If you want a tougher finish get the fibre reinforced bitumastic.
  20. I used to love a good thick pork chop with a bit of kidney attached. They tasted fantastic. You can't get them like that now. πŸ™
  21. Trying to load it, but it wont let me. πŸ˜’ πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒManaged to edit the photo and reduce it. The workshop is 5metre square with an apex roof.
  22. I noticed the workshop roof had sprung a leak in one corner during the last downpours. Been waiting for a dry spell to get on it. Got 25 litres of fibre reinforced bitumastic roof paint. Finished the can this morning early before it got too hot. Just got a bit in the middle to do both sides that the long handled brush wouldn't reach. Got 2 more cans on order and a roof hook attachment for the ladders to reach the middle bit. One can should finish the workshop, but I ordered 2 as I noticed the roof on the shed next to it was looking about ready for coating too. Its dried nicely to a dull charco
  23. Thinking about the circumstances on that film I would have put the children on a car roof out of reach for starters.
  24. Be careful, I can hear the quiet swish of an electric motor coming your way. 😲
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