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  1. Bragging again. 😁
  2. At your age I thought it as complete dribble. 🤷‍♀️
  3. They both dig in the garden. Only one digs holes and one digs hills. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Does this mean your pocket money has gone up. 🤷‍♀️
  5. I retired early in 2012 with 38 years contributions, so decided it wasn't worth topping up my NI contributions as I had a private pension from age 57 and savings which topped up my private pension till my government pension kicked in. My government pension started last year. My company did a retirement planning seminar before I retired. One thing mentioned was that self employed NI was a lot cheaper normally than employed payments. There was a way of using that to make up a shortfall in a few cases. As it was 10 years ago I can't remember what was involved, but it might be worth looking into. One I remember was if one of a couple was self employed and the partner wasn't working the Self employed, employed the stay at home partner as a self employed admin assistant etc on a nominal wage and payed minimum SE stamp for them. You would have to find out the way to do it if you still can. https://www.gov.uk/self-employed-national-insurance-rates
  6. loriusgarrulus


    That explains it now.🤷‍♀️ In between the gin , wd40 , and engineers blue and the meths infused vagrants ditchman is well pickled.
  7. Or shooting up all year round. 🤷‍♀️
  8. If I collapse there is no way to activate anything and I would rely on my regular contact times with my Daughter not happening to cause an alert. With this at least it is simple to activate and lets them find me easily in most scenarios. No system is totaly foolproof.
  9. I use lavender oil diluted 50/50 in isopropyl alcohol. Keeps the mossies off in the wood and the horse flies.
  10. Just bought an Ocean Signal PLB1 beacon. Despite the Ocean in the name it can be used on land as well. Thought it would be useful when I am on my own in the wood and also sea fishing. Its waterproof and you can fasten it to your lifejacket. It also come with a lanyard. It works even if there is no phone signal and provides a locator signal and flashing light once activated. I hope I never have to use it, but its peace of mind. I registered it with the gov.uk website online. They are pricey, but there are no monthly running costs. This model has a 7 year battery (needs battery replacing after 7 years or once activated)
  11. TA. Will let you know. 😁
  12. Andrew bought a rhino mini digger and had used it for 9hrs only. Unfortunatly some of the attachments are too heavy for me to lift and attach even if I had lessons on how to use it, so it will be sold eventually along with its trailer and a tracked powerbarrow which is too strong for me.☹
  13. Went down the wood a few weeks ago. There is a tree down over a path. Walking round it at the moment as its hung up and rather big. Got a problem as the caravan fridge would light fine, but after overnight it was still not cooling. Fortunatley I didn't take a lot of perishables with me. I set the zeer pot terracotta fridges up and topped the sand up outside and managed for 4 days. I have read up problems on Electrolux 212 and have a few clues as what the problem might be. I measured the fridge before I left as I remembered Andrew had bought a similiar fridge from a caravan breakers when he was going to convert his van to a camper. The fridge got stashed away as the conversion didnt happen. I dragged it out and cleaned it and downloaded the manual. Fortunatley it was made when owners could do maintenance easily and its the same size as the one in the wood. 🙂 Took the top off the flue and cleaned a load of cobwebs and fluff out of the T piece and cleaned the flu out. Took the cover off at the bottom and unscrewed the connection to the jet. Gave it a clean with some 100% isopropyl alcohol. While it was all open I cleaned the glass window for the burner from the outside so I can see if it ignites properly once its all back together. Tried the ignition while it was undone and the piezo works fine and sparks well. It was only lightly rusted in parts on the back tubes, most of the paint was intact so I gave it a coat of hammerite. I connected it to a butane cylinder and checked the gas connections with washing up liquid. It got to -10°C and 6°C in the freezer compartment and fridge area. Then I put a plug on it and put it on mains on max setting. It went to -20°C and -2°C so it all works fine. Didn't bother with the 12v as it would soon flatten a battery. This one is in better condition than the wood one so next time I go down I will swap them over and bring the other one back to see if that needs inverting to mix the coolant or a flu and jet clean or scrapping. Fortunatley its fairly lightweight too at around 12kg. Lighter than a 3 way coolbox at 16kg which was another possible option, but this working has saved me £240 on buying a 3 way coolbox, which would have had to sit outside because of venting it. While I was down the wood we had a really warm day so I got the top and front off the Carver gas fire which was cream paint and rusty. Gave it a clean and sprayed it with red high heat paint spray I took with me for this job. While the covers were off I cleaned a ton of fluff out of the works. The fire works better now it has a decent airflow minus the fluff. It is just as well the gas flame on the fire is isolated from the heater bit the amount of fluff that was in there. Found a nice tree stump with more fungus on.
  14. Hope all goes well and your soon up and out again.
  15. You need a block of carbolic soap and a brick hammer for them. 🤷‍♀️
  16. I will second the tomato juice or tomato sauce. Bicarbonate of soda used for baking is a good deoderiser too. Make a thick paste up with some water and rub it in then leave overnight and wash off after about 12 hrs. Make sure it doesn't get into the winder etc. White vinegar is another good cleaner and deoderiser.
  17. Being responsible! Nope 🤷‍♀️
  18. Not my picture either, I downloaded it. I have welsh poppies in the north facing part of the garden, but mine are not in flower yet.
  19. Welsh poppy Meconopsis cambrica
  20. For repairs when the fresh hamsters run out.
  21. Did you get a plentiful supply of sellotape in. 🤷‍♀️
  22. Don't worry. They have some on Amazon. 🤷‍♀️
  23. One of my colleagues at work got bitten by a spider on his hand while gardening. His whole arm swelled up and he spent 2 weeks in hospital very ill. He was off work for a couple of months. His hand was still slightly swollen when he came back to work. They never did identify what type of spider it was, but they reckon it was a very bad allegic reaction to the bite.
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