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  1. loriusgarrulus

    Pictures of our companions.

    Magni. Four weeks later at 12 weeks old and nearly twice the weight. Gone from 1098g to 2064g in 4 weeks. Getting a sit and recall now. Just started going out. Pictures are easier when asleep as when he's awake he is not still for long.
  2. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    Woodland certainly appreciates in value faster than investing in a savings account these days. Its a lot more fun too.
  3. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    You could sell the idea to your Mrs on amenity value. Camping if she likes that or even take a caravan up if its accessible, BBQ's, Children/Grandchildrens woodland picnics and somewhere to build dens. Dog walking without worrying about other peoples dogs. Somewhere to chill away from it all. Source of firewood if you have an open fire or log burner. Long term investment, ours is valued at, at least £6000 more than we paid for it 3 years ago. No inheritance tax either and no council tax.
  4. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    You might be lucky, but be aware guide price can be on the low side. We went to see a wood that had a guide price of £25 - 30,000. A lot depends on who else is interested. We put an offer in, but the wood went for over £40,000. We went with wood4sale eventually as they offer fixed price woods. Once you say you want it, it goes off market. Their descriptions have a section on covanents so you can check if it fits with what you want. You rarely can build on them, except an amenity shed which you arn't supposed to sleep in. To put up a shed you need council agreement which in Powys cost us £80 plus £20 to use their agreed map provider for plans which is compulsery. Sometimes its worth getting one without a pond if you can't get one with and getting planning permission for the pond later. We are hoping to do that with ours in a year or two. What about boat access and mooring. Sometimes woods with river frontage have the fishing rights sold off which means someone else has access as well as the fishing. We rejected a few on river edges that had this as some belonged to fishing clubs which would have been tramping through the wood.
  5. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    That's the problem. We bought ours with some of the pension lump sum. Couldn't have afforded it when younger and fitter. Took a while to find one without a steep slope on it we could manage. Saw a lovely one with a pond on it we could have afforded. Trouble was the pond area was the only flat bit. 🔳
  6. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    A lot of woods were planted on land that was difficult to farm. Most tend to be on steep slopes. Ours is on the flatter side of the wood with very gentle slope, hardly noticable so easily walked round. The other side of the wood has quite a steep slope. Something to be aware of if you are thinking of buying one as a retirement project and allow for being less able to cope with a hillside as you get older.
  7. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    Its in Powys Wales.
  8. loriusgarrulus

    Nurse wood for sale.

    We have a wood we own freehold. We can shoot on it. Have fires on it. Coppice it as its mainly hazel coppice with other types of trees mixed in. Fell up to 5 cubic metres firewood per year. No public footpaths through or near it. Nearest town is 4 miles away. A long way up a gated private farm track. Can stay overnight subject to 28 days restriction. Main restrictions are no commercial camping or vehicle racing. We did look at 14 woods over a 6 month period before finding this one. Just treated the finding as a day out with picnic when we went to look at each one. Most you don't need to book an appointment or view with an agent. Just print of the details and go. Prices vary per acre. Bigger woods tend to be cheaper per acre than small ones. Location pays a part in price just like houses. If there is a river with included fishing rights or pond/lake included it is more expensive. £10,000 per acre is a good average price. A big wood can go for £5,000/acre a 0.75 acre went for £9,500. We viewed an 8 acre wood for £32,000, but you needed a 4x4 to access it except in very dry conditions and it was all scots pine plantation (a bit boring).
  9. loriusgarrulus

    Flies grr.

    He opened all the windows earlier.
  10. loriusgarrulus

    Flies grr.

    Caravan just got a load in this afternoon. OH had a swatting session with an ordinance survey map. Dogs cleared up the residues.
  11. loriusgarrulus

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    You could try advertising it on freecycle. https://www.freecycle.org
  12. loriusgarrulus

    This is Barney Sprockett.

    Nice looking pup.
  13. loriusgarrulus

    First shower

    Raining here this morning.
  14. loriusgarrulus

    Preserving wings

    Your just well preserved for your age.
  15. loriusgarrulus

    Preserving wings

    Store them in a tuppaware type box with some silica gel in a net bag. Keeps the moths away and keeps the wings dry. Possibly not a good idea. Formaldehyde is very poisonous.