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  1. loriusgarrulus

    For single men

    I use pure soap flakes put straight into the drum and white vinegar as fabric conditioner in the drawer for every wash as OH has psoriasis and bio-wash irritates his skin. No black gunge in the soap drawer and no limescale build up. I buy the soap flakes 10kg at a time and vinegar in 4 x 5 litre containers at a time, so it works out very economical.
  2. loriusgarrulus

    Wage packets

    Last time paid in cash weekly was 1975.
  3. loriusgarrulus

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  4. loriusgarrulus

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    When a lynx got out at Borth they didn't think it wasn't a danger. They shot it.
  5. loriusgarrulus

    Keter Garden Storage

    Bought one about 15 years ago to use as a chicken shed. Still going strong after we put a plastic sheet over the cut out pop hole and my Daughter has it in her garden as a storage garden store now. I have a 3x6 keter shed down the wood with a composting toilet and shower in. The shed is about 10 years old and still fine.
  6. loriusgarrulus

    You couldn’t make this up

    In those days women didn't have to go out to work after marriage, so could iron in the daytime.
  7. loriusgarrulus

    Lambs in November?

    Prefer them undressed with just a bit of rosemary to cook and mint sauce on the plate.
  8. loriusgarrulus

    Lambs in November?

    I love mutton. Its got a much better flavour than lamb.
  9. loriusgarrulus

    Best way of cleaning and stopping a patio from greening?

    While you wait for warmer dry weather to seal the patio wash it over with a strong hot bleach solution. Leave it for an hour. Keep pets off it while it soaks. Rinse it off, giving any stubborn bits a brush. Careful it doesn't go onto plants. The bleach will kill the algae and keep it off for quite a while.
  10. loriusgarrulus

    Imani the Ridgeback

    Sorry for your loss.
  11. loriusgarrulus

    Army short of soldiers

    They also changed the pension scheme for the army personell so its not as good. Last time my sons army service finished he didn't renew. Instead he joined the civil service as their pension scheme is the same as the original army one and he could transfer it direct.
  12. loriusgarrulus

    Fireworks warning labels

    A warning label in bright colours on the front of the box should be sufficient. At most a description of potential injuries from ignoring the warning.
  13. loriusgarrulus

    Made me smile

  14. loriusgarrulus

    Fireworks ban

    That explains it. I am lucky non of our dogs are bothered by it. I feel sorry for the dogs and other animals that are terrified by them.
  15. loriusgarrulus

    Pictures of our companions.

    Most paterdales and other retrieving terriers I know would give a quick shake and the goose is not angry anymore. You don't need a priest if you have a retrieving terrier.