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  1. Watch this.

    Nice one.
  2. Waggy Dog Project

  3. Vet Nurse with Gundogs

    http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/vet-nurse-criticised-over-gundogs-181717/ Obviously not fans of country practices where the vets rode to hounds and often went shooting and fishing as well.
  4. Who's Been A Naughty Spaniel Then?

    Friends Samoyed was mated in the days before scans were routine. By mid term not even the vet could tell if she was pregnant or not. It wasn't until the last week she started to show and then she had 5 healthy pups. The spaniel was either mated or running loose on the farm with the collies etc and could have been. She found the cubs and started producing milk to feed them before the farmer found them, he would assume they were hers. She is a chocolate spaniel and fox cubs are chocolate until they start going red as they get older.
  5. Who's Been A Naughty Spaniel Then?

    Easy mistake before their eyes open and ears point up if youv'e never seen them at such a young age.
  6. Zapper (buy and sell)

    One piece of advise I was given before sending anything to these firms was to make a note of all serial numbers and take good clear photos of it beforehand.
  7. Am I barking up the wrong tree.

    If you don't mind going bigger, have a labrador. They will tolerate the scenario you want. Thats why they have them as guide dogs. A failed guide dog might suit as its often something minor they fail on.
  8. Luxating patella

    Problems with the patella don't usually show till around 4 mths or longer. Had a pom with this years ago. She had been intended for breeding and therefore wasn't suitable so we bought her as a pet. Never needed operating on as it wasn't bad. A lot depends on the severity.
  9. The week from hell.

    We took Complan in for Father in Law after he had a stroke at 91 and wasn't eating well and losing weight. He had the chocolate and strawberry as milk shakes and we mixed the plain in his meals. Got the hospital staff using it too. We also took soups in a flask in for him and Aldi cream yogurts which are high in calories. He is home and living with Brother in Law now.
  10. When will these burglars learn!

    Probably having it cleaned and restrung for her.
  11. When will these burglars learn!

    Nice one. Hope the bolt pierced his bowel.
  12. Dummy launcher

    Try the wanted section.
  13. martin sorrell

    Is that the same as going back in your kennel.
  14. cocker how far can it run?

    Possibly wasn't he fantastic.
  15. cocker how far can it run?

    Another thing to consider is temperature. The dog might suffer heat exhaustion if its warm or get dehydrated. They can also have fits if overheated or collapse if they get low sugar. How far does he run on a regular basis. When working they stop and start all the time. Like any major activety, stamina needs to be built up. Nobody runs a marathon without working up endurance to it, dogs are the same.