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  1. Hi. For sale again! Please check above for size....
  2. Browning Masters vest for sale, in excellent condition - selling as its now too small for me! Size is Medium and fitted me when I was a 40" chest The red colouring inside the pockets has worn but this isn't visible and doesn't affect the pocket! £35 which includes signed-for delivery. Payment by PayPal so PM me if interested Also selling a Browning Inflex pad..!
  3. Hi. Height is 128mm, width is 42mm. 90mm between screws
  4. Hi. Not sure but when I get home I'll measure it for you ok!
  5. For sale – Browning Inflex recoil pad, 25mm version plus a 7mm spacer. Was bought to sort my LOP on my 725 but no longer needed! £22 inc posted signed-for delivery. PM me if interested, payment by Paypal please.
  6. Going slightly off topic.... If you like the Lanc get yourself over to East Kirby museum in Lincs. They do taxi runs / rides of a Lanc. If you can't afford to get a ride inside, just stand the 20ft from the wing tips and watch the back fins wobble when the pilot pushes the throttles whilst braked!! They have a really good museum there as well - and it's never too busy either. Plus - they now have a mozzie that they're prepping to run. Bliss - 6 Rolls Royce Merlins in unison!
  7. Hi all I've been offered the above in 28" multichoke but I've no experience of them and there doesn't seem to be many knocking about! Its pretty much 'as new' condition and he wants £200. The gun will be only be used as a 'spare' so wont be used that much in all honesty. It's in such good condition I was thinking it seemed a decent buy? Thanks all for any advice
  8. Hi Haven't managed to get on the Trent for a while - had an evening session near Newark & landed a PB Barbel of 12lb 6oz! Only fish of the day but 100% worth it! Last year I managed several low doubles & a 5.5lb PB chub so its a decent stretch. Photo is bad as I was on my own & wanted to get her back into the flow asap Back again in a few weeks....
  9. One leg only here and was 12 weeks in Derbys so was happy with that
  10. Rode one around south India for 2k miles in 08. Perfect for their roads and very appreciated by the locals too. Only a rental but enjoyed it immensely. Thought of getting one but it did prove a bit unreliable- good job the locals always had a hammer and screwdriver handy! .
  11. Hi If mmamonster doesn't take it, I'm looking for a starter clay gun for my 15yr old lad. Would this be any good or would I need to get separate chokes later? I'm in Alfreton so if you're ok meeting halfway I'd cover your fuel? Thanks
  12. Hi I'm only wanting to spend 'low' at the moment as my lad (as a typical teenager) may only commit to clay shooting until something else comes along.....girls & booze if I remember!! If his interest drops off I don't mind holding onto a cheap 'spare' 2nd o/u but cant warrant £400 - £600 just sitting in my cabinet I'm afraid. Spending only £200 now gives him a basic start and an idea of mount / safety etc, with the other cash going on carts (which I can use when he gets bored!). If he gets hooked & committed then of course the budget would be increased to another gun if he finds the starter not 100%. Hence the low budget & search area. I'm popping into Neville's on Sat and Cockett ground over the weekend so will see what/if anything turns up. Cheers all
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