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  1. gsalmons

    Das Boot

    Downloaded it not expecting much tbh. However, ended up binge watching it! Very good and really thought the French resistance side was good as the sea action Roll on the next season!
  2. gsalmons

    Omega or Rolex

    Had an Omega seamaster but the clasp failed. I'd had the watch for a year - took it to the jeweller to replace it but Omega refused to do it under warranty saying it was 'wear and tear'! The jeweller was so shocked with a 'reputable' company he later offered a part ex on the Omega. In the end I chopped in the Omega for a Rolex Submariner and never looked back. Wear it every day no matter what and it's been perfect Watch goes up in value each year for insurance purposes. Just factor in a 10% value for a genuine service every 5-7 years tho!
  3. gsalmons

    Lesson Notts/Derby/Worksop

    Hi I'm in the same boat - was looking at Cockett but Tansley is much closer! What is the general going rate for a lesson? I've all my own gear etc & don't mind paying for good tuition. Thanks
  4. Hi Duncan - I'm the chap up the road in South Normanton and was also looking to go there! I'm out and about over xmas but let me know if you want to buddy up and what days you're free - I'd be more than happy to go with you I've only managed 100 clays so you're a bit ahead of me! I'm planning on sorting a lesson to sort my eye dominance 'thing'
  5. gsalmons

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    Hi all Thanks, i have gotten some 0000 wool so going to have a gentle go and take it from there. The blotch is only on the very top of the lever - it's just now I know it's there I'd like to sort it! Anyone else wouldn't even notice it tbh! I have a Matt black touch up pen thingy from my air rifling days so may use that if I go too heavy Anyway, going to give it a complete strip and clean/oil etc this weekend.
  6. gsalmons

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    Cheers guys - will give it ago at the weekend!
  7. Hi all Have recently bought a great condition 725 black. Really getting on with it too and enjoying shooting with it. I gave it a clean the other day and noticed some slight 'rust' or similar affecting the top lever edge Would this just be a reaction with thumbs from the general usage? I've oiled it but ideally would like to remove it- but am concerned if I damage the black finish! I can certainly live with it but if anyone has had a similar issue and sorted it pls let me know Cheers
  8. Hi all Posted earlier about picking up my new (to me!) 725 at the weekend. I've had a couple of sessions with 21g carts - but ideally I was looking to the 28g. No reason really, just wanting to maintain the same throughout rather than 'upgrading' later! I can cope with the recoil but wanted to get an idea of what other 725 guy's use? I'll be buying a 'slab' as well at the weekend so wanted to start off well!!! Thanks again all!
  9. gsalmons

    Cert has landed!

    Hi Cert came through the letterbox this morning! I spent the weekend shouldering and trying the Berettas and Brownings. Had a great time but the Browings suited me more. Tried the 525 but the 725 was much better for me Have managed to get a good deal privately with a 725 black that's just over a year old and looked after, for the same as a new 525. That leaves enough £ for lessons and carts! Gonna get it picked up at the weekend and then book a few more lessons Just need to work on my left eye dominance & right hand preference..... Thanks all for the advice and help
  10. gsalmons

    Browning Warranty - transfer question

    Cheers all That's put my mind to rest! The extra £400 for is lessons & cartridges!!!
  11. Hi all Following on from my previous post about a 692/725, I've seen an excellent condition 18 month old 725 Going second hand will save me approx £400, but will it be worth it if there's no warranty for the s/h purchaser? Would it be a better option to take the £hit on new and get the full warranty? Any advice is welcome My cert is expected to arrive over the next week so I'm wanting to ensure my gun decision will last several years! Thanks
  12. gsalmons

    2k budget - 692,725?

    Hi Johnphilip I'm only going to be using the gun for clays - I thought the 828u was on the light side for this? I have seen a black version in my local dealer but didn't consider it due to the above!
  13. gsalmons

    2k budget - 692,725?

    Hi all Really appreciate the heads-up I'm visiting a couple of shops Saturday, but will be leaning more toward the 525/725/38 route. Will keep you posted Thanks again
  14. gsalmons

    2k budget - 692,725?

    Hi Thanks - the 2k is max, if I can get something lower I'll put the rest in cartridges etc! I'm going to sort a couple of shooting days to try a few before I commit - I'm intending to keep the first gun for a while which is why I'm happy to go the full amount! I'll be visiting the derby and Nottm dealers and some grounds over the next couple of weekends so I'm looking forward to the shopping experience Cheers
  15. gsalmons

    2k budget - 692,725?

    Hi all Finally had my interview and acceptance on Friday, officer said the cert normally takes 2 weeks to come through so now I'm shopping! I've managed to up my budget to 2k so it's opened up a little more choice, but I'm still looking at Beretta or Browning Ideally wanting 2nd hand to get a better grade etc and have narrowed if down to a 690 or 725. I'm happy with the basic fit etc of both, but wanted to know if any forum members have had any nightmares or good reviews about these? I'm still not 100% decided so I'm open to other ideas! Thanks in advance