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  1. Hi all Thanks for the info - as a relative newbie to shotguns I've enjoyed reading the posts about the 'old' cartridges!
  2. Hi all Thanks, this forum and its members always come though! Appreciate the info. Cheers
  3. Hi all I recently picked up a mixed batch of carts from a mate of my dads who gave up shooting All are the usual Hull or Gamebore etc, but this one was one I've never seen before! Just curious if anyone could shed some light on it or have used them on the past etc Thanks all
  4. I'm just up the road in South Normanton! I've done Cockett several times and it's a great ground and very friendly
  5. Welcome - always good to see a fellow Derbys new member!
  6. it's my local ground but can't make it this week! Have a good couple of rounds though ok
  7. Hi Thanks - I'll PM you with payment details etc
  8. Hi I expect so - my Escort also had the V3 extended chokes so I expect these shims are correct.
  9. Will do these with the spacers (other ad) for £15 if anyone wants them
  10. Will do the spacers & the shims (other ad) for £15 posted if any one is interested
  11. Hi. Thanks, PM on the way! Just the carts for sale now. I'll hold onto them though if no interest Cheers
  12. If anyone wants just the bag then £10 for it posted ok, appreciate not everyone lives locally!!
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