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  1. Just down the road in Alfreton, welcome to the forum and dont forget to let us know what you get!
  2. I did the Lanc taxi run a few years ago with my dad - was lucky enough to have a Radio Operator on the same day who served on Lancs in the war. Highly recommended, however East kirkby is worth a trip any way as they have an excellent small museum and you can stand so close to the Lanc when they start and rev the Merlins They have a Mozzie now but that's really expensive We also did a static tour of the Lanc which was quite a bit cheaper than the taxi run
  3. Popped in, and fingers crossed they'll be able to source a forend for my 725. Great service and had a good chat. If only the bank balance / missus would allow more £ as they have some beauties in the shop.....
  4. I'm up the road too - planning a visit tomorrow to talk about when he'll be getting his hands on the 2020 browning 725 models! Fingers crossed on the 'decent' part-ex valuations...... Another thumbs up on Cockett Farm - if you're passing buy a slab of their own carts.
  5. Hi all I posted a wanted ad the other day for the above - I've checked the Evil Bay but nothing listed. I'm after the trap forend in matching grade wood, a local RFD tried to sell me a brand new gun however - got the impression he couldn't be bothered with just a forend tbh! I'd be very appreciative if anyone on the forum has done the same & could let me know who / where they want to get one please. Cheers,
  6. Hi all Anyone got the above or can point me in the right direction to get hold of one please? Tried a prosport last week and the trap forend is so much better for me than my schnabel! Just cant warrant exchanging my whole gun for a Prosport however. Thanks
  7. Hi For nostalgia and a sense of hunting in the old days....Jim Corbett Omnibus. Man eating tigers and leopards in India. Amazing! Also, Death in the Long Grass by Peter Capstick. I've all the collection and never get tired of the writing . Highly recommended!
  8. Hi all Thanks for the info - as a relative newbie to shotguns I've enjoyed reading the posts about the 'old' cartridges!
  9. Hi all Thanks, this forum and its members always come though! Appreciate the info. Cheers
  10. Hi all I recently picked up a mixed batch of carts from a mate of my dads who gave up shooting All are the usual Hull or Gamebore etc, but this one was one I've never seen before! Just curious if anyone could shed some light on it or have used them on the past etc Thanks all
  11. I'm just up the road in South Normanton! I've done Cockett several times and it's a great ground and very friendly
  12. Welcome - always good to see a fellow Derbys new member!
  13. it's my local ground but can't make it this week! Have a good couple of rounds though ok
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