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  1. I've had them as I couldn't warrant electric ones but my standard foam plugs blocked everything! I had the passives and think they're spot on..I can hear people but they block the shots. From foam plugs they're miles better, but if I went shooting more often I'd probably go for the electric cens
  2. Before you go I'd recommend you watch some video or read some articles on unhooking them! The usual way is to put a hand under the gill cover on the bottom jaw as this opens the mouth. Dont use a gag. A set of 12" forceps a long set of wire cutters. Always use a trace and min 15lb mono mainline. When you get a run dont listen to the 'count to 10 before you strike' rubbish- strike straightaway and you'll avoid any deep unhooking. And barbless trebles are not only easier to unhook, but save your fingers getting frozen trying to get hooks out of nets in winter!
  3. I had some passives recently - guy came to the house (covid precautions etc) to do the mould and was great When they came the right ear was slightly 'noisy', and after an email they took it back to be re-lacquered. Returned in a week The product is excellent, can hear fine without the gun affecting the ear. And the service I received was exemplary
  4. I've only one leg, but clay shoot and ride motorcycles- struggle on uneven ground but all shooting ranges are very level so it doesnt really affect me. Although if I have an 'off' shooting day I still blame it on the leg!
  5. Ordered mine and had their guy come to the house for a fitting (all covid precautions taken), as this is a free service they offer. Along with the 10% discount and service so far they've been excellent. Should be getting mine in two weeks
  6. Sorry, didn't click send! Was asking if OK for some pics of the stock as I'll need to reduce it to 14.5
  7. Hi. Could I have some more pics if possible please? Thanks
  8. Walker570 - 100% agree with you. They should have released an accurate report on all deaths and causes each month.
  9. Oops - forgot the price ( thanks centrepin!) £12 please
  10. Ruby fibre optic shotgun sight, orange, sport size 120mm. Similar to the easi-hit type, fixes to the rib with a narrow adhesive strip Was bought and opened, then realised I'd bought the wrong version....... Price includes delivery. Payment preferred by bank transfer, or PayPal if needed... £12 please!
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