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  1. Oops - forgot the price ( thanks centrepin!) £12 please
  2. Ruby fibre optic shotgun sight, orange, sport size 120mm. Similar to the easi-hit type, fixes to the rib with a narrow adhesive strip Was bought and opened, then realised I'd bought the wrong version....... Price includes delivery. Payment preferred by bank transfer, or PayPal if needed... £12 please!
  3. DUNKS - what ground was the gun at please? I'm in Derbyshire and my mate in Notts so may take him to view etc if its localish! Thanks
  4. Thanks all, After all the comments he's going to check the local dealers to see if he can check fit etc. Will keep you posted!
  5. Hi As title, only used a few times but still has original packaging £35 posted which will include signed for delivery Bank transfer preferred PM me for payment details if interested Thanks
  6. Hi all My mate is looking at starting up - I've told him the fit is everything and recommended the usual browning / beretta However, he's seen the Yildiz at around £1500 for a new gun/warranty with exceptional wood! I've never shot one or seen one at my local ground, hence the question to the forum if it's something to consider, or follow my advice with a tried & tested maker Must admit, I've seen pics online and some of the wood puts my 725 black to shame! Thanks in advance,
  7. Did something similar recently (with a young magpie - dont tell anyone!), caught it and put it in a lowish tree branch with plenty of foilage for cover. Gone the next day but no feathers so assumed it was ok
  8. Read this in my local paper. Couple go on a camping safari, get attacked by a lion, now suing the safari company for stress blah blah Anyone else see the irony?! https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/uk-world-news/i-never-forget-moment-woke-4379980
  9. Just down the road in Alfreton, welcome to the forum and dont forget to let us know what you get!
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