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  1. Hi I was recently looking at a Rizzini E locally but the seller has gone AWOL, so I'm looking for an o/u starter in 12g ideally 28" for my teenage lad. Max budget is £200 - so if you're local (ish) to Alfreton in Derbys and have something please let me know. I'm not in any major rush but he's using mine for the time being.....! Thanks in advance,
  2. So - after trying to arrange a 'view to buy' the seller hasn't responded to texts etc.! I'll hang on in case he's away on holiday or something but for now I'm holding off. In the meantime - if anyone has a decent cond 12g o/u ideally 28" for a 'starter' gun for my lad & not too far from Alfreton, Derbys I've a max £200 budget....! Cheers
  3. Hi Just had a few pics from the seller - all looks ok except the attached which shows the screw on the sideplate slightly 'chewed'! It appears the same on both sides. I appreciate it's an old gun so expect some wear & tear etc, but is this something that rings alarm bells at all to the forum members at all? If it's nothing to worry about I expect I'll end up getting it..... Thanks again all!
  4. Cheers all I'll go and see it as it sounds it'll suit my lad until he wants to spend his own pocket money!
  5. Hi all My 15 year old has been wanting to dip his toe at clay's but I don't want him dropping my 725! Ideally I wasn't yet looking at a 'starter' for him but I've seen the Rizzini for sale locally for £200 with chokes. It's 27.5" and 14.25" LOP so would be ok for my lad My budget was £150-£200 max and wanted to go 12g so we can use the same carts etc. Any thoughts or opinions? By all accounts the bluing is fine & barrels clean. Thanks for any pointers!
  6. What about a completely different tipple? Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is currently my fave! Or try some Nikka from the barrel Jap malt. Both excellent and offer an alternative to the Scottish malts
  7. My FEO spoke to my referee only 30mins after he'd left me!
  8. gsalmons

    Omega or Rolex

    If that's genuine its a Submariner Date - try a Goldsmiths in the high street as they'll be able to confirm if its real. In average condition with no box or papers it'll still be worth several £ks. Definitely worth getting it insured as a named item too.
  9. Its The Lion at Farnsfield and is just round the corner. Some good pub food but Sun is busy
  10. I drop the missus there before the shoot and then join her after. She gets on really well with the barman.....!
  11. I'm just up the road in Alfreton and Cockett Farm I find to be the closest. And theres a good pub just down the road after a shoot!
  12. I'm having tuition with Joe Neville at the moment - two lessons in and I'm shooting both eyes open (left eye master, right handed), and basic clays going 1 out of 5 to 4 or 5 out if 5! One to one with only us two on his grounds. Loads of traps and a great chap too, I'll be having another few lessons with him. I've my own carts and gun but he can provide if you haven't any. Charges around 60
  13. gsalmons

    Das Boot

    Downloaded it not expecting much tbh. However, ended up binge watching it! Very good and really thought the French resistance side was good as the sea action Roll on the next season!
  14. gsalmons

    Omega or Rolex

    Had an Omega seamaster but the clasp failed. I'd had the watch for a year - took it to the jeweller to replace it but Omega refused to do it under warranty saying it was 'wear and tear'! The jeweller was so shocked with a 'reputable' company he later offered a part ex on the Omega. In the end I chopped in the Omega for a Rolex Submariner and never looked back. Wear it every day no matter what and it's been perfect Watch goes up in value each year for insurance purposes. Just factor in a 10% value for a genuine service every 5-7 years tho!
  15. Hi I'm in the same boat - was looking at Cockett but Tansley is much closer! What is the general going rate for a lesson? I've all my own gear etc & don't mind paying for good tuition. Thanks
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