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  1. I had to travel to Newmarket Harley Davidson store to get my bike serviced last week. Once the service had been done I went to pay in cash and was told card only. This could have been an issue if I didn’t have funds in my account. I did say that there was no mention of cash only upon booking.
  2. Ummmm not looking good then. Looks like a refund is the option with a possible rebooking once they lift the restrictions
  3. I see the range is opening in the 15th. Does this mean we are good to go on the 26th?
  4. Let’s hope we’re ok to meet up due to the government restrictions.
  5. Hi sparkie I've sent over £40 for Tim to shoot on Friday. If you can add him to the list please. sss
  6. Looking for once fired Hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass
  7. Hi Sparkie I’ve sent over another 40 for a place on Friday 26th. His name is Antoni please add him to the list
  8. Put me down for Friday only please What’s the PayPal address?
  9. If anyone has any once fired brass they want to sell I could do with some. Thanks, SSS
  10. Give Richard Uttings a shout. Great day out and you will learn loads.
  11. We think that on two farms where we shoot they must be released nearby. One of the farms is only 100 acres and we have had 250 foxes in 2 years And the other farm we’ve had 100 in about a year
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