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  1. gotgcoalman

    Sign this

    clickty click. Done. 300.000 and climbing.
  2. gotgcoalman

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    So we have a girl/woman who...... 1. left the country to train as a terrorist. 2. has been away a while (training to be a terrorist?) 3. now wants to come back welcomed with open arms. She'll get back in and be granted a FAC if she applies 🙄
  3. gotgcoalman

    North East newbie

    welcome and where abouts in the NE are you? Don't be put off a cheap double trigger gun.
  4. gotgcoalman

    Tropical fish

    started with a dozen cherry shrimp in a 3 gallon nano tank. had to rehome them into a bigger tank. They breed like crazy.
  5. Here's another firm selling "legal" although slightly dubious stuff. https://www.knifewarehouse.co.uk/product/micarta-godfather-style-stiletto/
  6. gotgcoalman

    Be selective who you listen to

    he's American so he's always right 🙄 I got to the bit where he likened a choke to squeezing the end of a garden hose🤣 If it's on the interweb it must be true.
  7. gotgcoalman

    Magnum Bodygrip

    unfortunatly you haven't WOWED me. Is it better than a "Fenn! ? it is slightly more expensive,if the extra cost catches more then it's worth it. link to a vid of it in action might change my mind though.
  8. gotgcoalman


    he has made some excellent muzzle loading videos. Also used to watch Mag30th regularly.
  9. Fibre for both clay and pest control. Clay grounds I go to insist on fibre and the farms I have permission on prefer not to have "plastic parachutes" all over the fields.
  10. gotgcoalman

    Halal poaching in Derbyshire

    Quite suprised the term "high powered weapons" wasn't used 🙄
  11. gotgcoalman

    Greener Side Safety

    I have 1 in 12ga. Pull lever down,chamber a cartridge,push lever up to close the breech,flick the auto safety with thumb and you're good to go. it's amazing how quickly this can be done after a bit of practice. If the ejectors in good order it's possible to shoot clays as pairs 😎
  12. enjoy what you have regardless of firing a shot. I'm sure "word of mouth" as to you being responsible is better than banging on farm doors.
  13. gotgcoalman

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    after reading the first post again. gun was bought with a variety of ammo for group testing. shop supplies ammo that would fit,although not compatible with the chamber. shop suppled ammo not on his ticket? gun blows up as a result. am I missing something ?
  14. gotgcoalman

    Advise needed gun blew up!

    A shop assistant that doesn't supply un suitable amunition with the gun? and a new pair of skidder free pants.
  15. gotgcoalman

    One eyed wonders

    Notice it a lot. Head lights/tail/brake lights not working.I do a basic walk around every time I get in my work motor. The amount of obviously illegal tyres on cars boils my piddle.