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  1. too far in the past from me then
  2. Harry Enfield had it nailed years ago.
  3. gotgcoalman

    1917 film

    Based on the above reviews I shall forgo on viewing this cinematic release. I await the release of the film with the "bird from suicide squad"
  4. gotgcoalman

    Dianne Abbot

    I'm confused here. Is she the thick bint that cant add up?
  5. If you do you can't have labours free internet.
  6. In my case it's because on several permissions you rarely get to fire a shot. Barrel down deters the sparrows from nesting in there.
  7. I'm the same a Scully. Mag tube loaded and chamber empty pointing down.
  8. He could have had my account details and sorted my overdraft details out. How many penguins to an elephant? I'm a murderer for not saving the elephants.
  9. I had a chap from WWF stop me today when leaving Aldi. he wanted my bank details to save animals. It wasn't polar bear related though. he said "We're loosing 50 elephants a day you know" I pointed out that they were quite large and hard to misplace. "NO THEY ARE DYING " he said. I pointed out that this should help global warming due to the methane produced by an elephant each day. Less elephants helps "climate change" He became very vexed with me at this point.
  10. scales are a must. The lee tends to throw the odd "wobbler" Powder is a case of what you can get locally and regularly. Be it Vectan,Alliant,Hogden. Find a powder you can pick up easily and then start reading up load data on the powder manufacturers website. cases I usually bin dive local clay grounds. if you go down this route,grab a selection and see how they re load/re crimp. Some work better than others. Try to avoid the high brass cases (black gold type) as it's hard to get lee die off them after re sizing. Don't quote me on this but,the load all 2 is set up for 70mm cases I think.
  11. muzzle loading 12 bore I use 3 drams of medium or FFG powder and an equal measure of shot. 3 drams = 80 grains (off the top of my head) Tried loading some cartridges with the same measurements as a base line and went from there. After a bit of testing I found 60 grains of FFg and 28 grams of shot to be both comfortable to shoot and effective on clays. used fibre wads and either federal 209a or cx 2000 primers all finished with a crimp.
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