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  1. Just given this today. A very elderly 1/2 can of 80.
  2. Heard nothing from them and I would have assumed it was a trade embargo against me. Reading the other posts seems to imply they don't respond to anyone? Its bad business to offer mail order and not be competent enough to follow through with the rest of the process.
  3. Placed an order last week for some un primed cases with the above mentioned firm and told to expect a call to arrange delivery (cost of postage wasn't included on the checkout) So they may say a million gagillion pooooooonds for delivery. Has anyone ordered from them before?
  4. So,off hand shooting 40 yards at 30cm outer circle. All balls connected and the flyers were wads. Very few pellets made it down range.I can only assume they became embedded in either the wads or soft cast balls on firing. No sights at all due to the hushpuppy on the gun. A better group should be achieved with a bead sight. 12.3gr SP3,cx2000 primer,wad column to get the correct height 3x over powder cards and 2 fibre wads finished off with a rto.
  5. Essentially from what I read earlier in the thread. Loading a cast .36 ball and a sprinkle of shot is section 2 ammo?
  6. I was delivering around the Leeming/Northallerton area on Wednesday and saw 1 temporary sign to indicate there was/had been an outbreak.
  7. what happened to the age old law of..... finders keepers?
  8. Ive stopped to pick up a few pheasant over the years that have wandered into the path of the vehicle I was driving. Don't think I broke any laws.Even when the birds were out of season. I'll probably be corrected.
  9. welcome. how's Santa? he lives in the North!
  10. use some of the cash to buy a money counter
  11. Don't forget that moles are like................ "Sandpeople, always ride single file to hide their numbers." To be sure you need. a light sabre,land speeder,2 droids,1 short,1 tall,a blaster and a space ship.
  12. It might be easier to move house. Don't think you get moles in a penthouse flat!
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