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  1. B&M and Poundstretcher in Darlo had the Xmas tat on the shelves before the kids went back to school (summer holidays_
  2. Are the cases new or fired once/more than once?
  3. If you can source SP3 then I can highly recomend it. The data on Folkestone site is a good starting point. I seem to have found 12gr of sp3 ,over card wad,12mm wad and a pat pending "Wlalkerdipper" worth of shot is just what I require in a 3" case . (again around 18.5 - 18.7g of shot) Also found that in my case dropping from #5 to #6 on the Folkstone recipie works much better for me. As fired cases get trimmed the wads need adjusting to keep the shot consistant.
  4. The Aldi el chepo "steak medalilons" Might have got the name wrong. Think it's 2 for under £3.00 Cooked slowly on a grill and they were lovely. Used to like them well done (none of the red in the middle)
  5. i just tend to re fill them and use them a second time
  6. Right so Once upon a time 8 weeks ago, I had a sore throat,it went on for a week and the wife became weary of me ****ing and moaning about it and said "phone the Doctors" So I phoned and the nice lady said " appointment in 2 weeks" so I said no thanks it'll have fixed itself by then. fast forward 5 or 6 weeks to last week when the sore throat was really like swallowing rusty barbed wire. The wife phones the Dr's and pulls the "i want a telephone consultation with a Dr not an appointment in 2 weeks." The phone rings within 5 mins ,and after speaking to a Dr a magical space appears to visit him the same afternoon ? Hmmm First question was why have you waited this amount of time? Moral of the story is don't get fobbed off by receptionists who have no medical training and decide (in my case the non emergency sore throat )Could wait for a while before attention was needed from a trained professional. Anyway Dr referred me to consultant in no time flat and my non emergency sore throat. guess what? Pick a letter in between B and D. Had a call which involved "we need a renal function blood test done a your local practice" not sure as my head is up my **** at the minute. So phoned and ................ Peaseway medical centre at newton aycliffe is closed today for training .
  7. I've heard people mention "fat sarah" several times. Does she frequent the pond/lake to bathe? If she does visit and you hooked her you were lucky not to "loose all your tackle" Or possibly a bream (called slabs for a reason)
  8. pigeons don't damage crops,corvids don't kill songbirds,in fact magpies are so rare now they must be protected. Here endeth the first reading of the gospel according to Chris Peckerhead. That's quite some acreage of damage . Cut the telegraph pole down first as per NE sitty tree removal solution and the problem will be solved. if the farmer does re sow then as motty and ultrastu say moderated shotgun or air rifle is the only way to protect the crop given the proximity to the stables.
  9. Tees/Wiske pipeline was put in years ago as a "just in case" measure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Wiske
  10. He'd do well in #10 Downing St.
  11. The confused non gender kid from the antiques roadshow. Or is it multi gender? What's PC now?
  12. every time someone mentions politics lately I see this image.
  13. The description on the news was about her tearful resignation. She was only tearful because she didn't have time to take all the light bulbs out of #10 before standing down.
  14. you mention the french and manual work in the same sentence. wash your mouth out with a loofa and carbolic soap.
  15. Thats the way it should have been done here. Business as usual and anything wrong sorted by the next release of the GL.
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