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  1. saw my local Aldi had a few in. 1 had the security band thing removed and the box badly mutilated. The camera was in the box. Possibly a return? reading the rather bad reviews it appears people are expecting a 24hr HQ live video feed to their chosen device. Waiting to see if they drop the price.
  2. actually the pup is called perazzi. I'm thinking of having him neutered .
  3. To help estimate range. This is 8m. multiply if necessary.
  4. You know you want to see the others. go on click the I agree to sell my soul button. Think the last 1 shows a large lady sunbathing in the field.
  5. Possible excessive water stood in the areas on the second one either washing seed away or causing it not to germinate/rot.
  6. so it was the bolt release and not the mag tube cut off? yep it's a bit of a pain on the early models having to press the button to load !
  7. daughter and son in law recently moved house. New place has solid wood worktops which have seen better days in places and could do with being sanded and refinished. Any suggestions welcome. including bin them and get some B&Q fake wood ones or Bonfire night is approaching. cheers Dave.
  8. pull the bolt back and nip the end cap up. should all be nice and tight.
  9. Pic would help. There was nothing smart about the mk1 valve
  10. Reynauds here. came on a few years ago and is quite alarming to watch the colour/blood supply drain from your fingers. Also due to radio and chemo treatment recently I'm sat with the heating on and multiple layers of clothing.
  11. that worked. Thanks for sharing. don't know what to say without upsetting someone these days. Was it a hate crime?
  12. sorry I don't do facetube so I can't view it.
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