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  1. saw a bit on the news this morning. wondered what all the scrounging looking types were doing. how did the pink boat get in to the city centre? was there a paticularly high tide or was it towed?
  2. The few I loaded last night and tested this morning weren't subsonic. Pulled the bolt out after every shot to check it was clear and there was a lot of powder residue. All fed/fired and ejected though. back to the drawing board. reduce the powder in slight increments until I find the "sweet load" On a plus I bowled a bunnie over with 1 of the "home rolled" Using similar equipment to sandspider. I think in full production I can make 10/12 carts an hour 👍
  3. Yep dip it and then weight on the scales before decanting into the case. Seems to be coming out consistantly. I'll have a look for the Lee measures though. Cheers for the dipper. It erm dips within 1 or 2 pieces of shot either side of 19 grams. slip the heath robinson insert in and it dips 0.8g or 12.3grains of powder. Tried the RTO on a few "blank" cases to practice and they came out brilliant. Tried on a "live" case and it looked like my dog had chewed it. The eley 3" cases seem reluctant to re size although the eley 2 1/2" will first pass. Lucky George gave me a pocket full of never fired primed cases. cheers for the help so far on what appears to be a long road.
  4. Well the hand loading stuff arrived. Dipper courtesy of Walker.It actually dips 19 g of #5 which is a bonus. Made a .8 gram insert for it. Priming/de priming and re size done manually with the die. RTO tool is in the drill press ATM. I predict much swearing.
  5. keep an eye on your local Aldi. I bought 1 the other year for........ £29.99 reduced because they couldn't shift them. Not a precision piece of kit but good enough for the average diy'r
  6. yep same here. reading the fitting on the hushpower site the £120 is a straightforward fit. The £80 one might need a lot of "tinkering" The one we both got also comes off easily and can be fitted to a different .410 if needed.
  7. don't think the lead diet he intends to feed them would be very good for fluffy and mopseys health🤔
  8. was it the £80 or £120 one? Not tried mine with subs yet,although 2 1/2" and 3" mags are considerably quieter with it fitted. The can is more subtle than the 12 ga version 👍
  9. gotgcoalman

    petrol strimmer

    if the scissors are sharp it'll still be a bargain. us gardening types prefer jute to string if you please. How long is wednesday away?
  10. gotgcoalman

    petrol strimmer

    Hmm just had a look on the bay and.......... I've ordered a 5 in 1 for £21🤔 If it turns up on wednesday (does it actually exist for the price) Deffo listed at the wrong price although the seller has 100%
  11. concrete it and paint it green.👍 ditchman said "a good forking" 🤔😲🤣 It does look a bit forked at the moment. Re scarify/rake to break the sutface and get any remaining debris out. Re seed. Water,water,water and then water. Think you can get those slip on shoe things with spikes to airate the ground and promote better growth. Save forking on with a fork.
  12. gotgcoalman

    petrol strimmer

    Cheap ****** 52cc ones on fleabay for about £70 delivered. Ok I've broken 2 of them ,but they both had in excess of 1000 hours of heavy work each. Come with strimmer head that takes upto 3mm line and a brush cutter blade. harness is a bit pants.Although if youu're only using it for a few hrs a year it won't be a problem.
  13. good to see measurments in imperial 😎
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