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  1. No blood so that's a bonus
  2. What about blasting the nest with eggs in?
  3. Small club I belong to is £50/year. subs due in October. Do I want a refund? nope. Will I re join? yes.
  4. £110.9/litre to derv work motor up this morning at the garage I usually use. passed some garages still charging £118-£125/litre
  5. Important lesson. Don't lend stuff out. especially not to direct family members. been there,done that and had to replace previously working stuff that came back broken.
  6. If the .410 wads from Folkstone are evo then I can honestly say I've not had 1 "party popper" in my home loads.
  7. Not set any away this year after having treatment for my throat issue last year. Tomato sauce is too spicy to swallow now
  8. My understanding was. sec 2 to sec 1 = easy ,new tube fitted and paper work. sec 1 back to to sec 2 = nigh on impossible.
  9. Its a bit like "old spice" to say saga is for old people. Oh wait I found these
  10. I got a Dewalt from screwfix when my old "Hitachi one let the smoke out" No complaints thus far.
  11. I actually thought that and googled it. so in this case google miss informed me. https://www.travelblog.org/Photos/2189039 Didn't open the link,I just read the title. If it's on the internet it must be true.
  12. Parkinson will be pleased after the incident with Emu. Rip Roy Another household name from my childhood gone.
  13. Demolition man. The 3 sea shells.
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