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  1. gotgcoalman

    cash payment

    use some of the cash to buy a money counter
  2. Don't forget that moles are like................ "Sandpeople, always ride single file to hide their numbers." To be sure you need. a light sabre,land speeder,2 droids,1 short,1 tall,a blaster and a space ship.
  3. It might be easier to move house. Don't think you get moles in a penthouse flat!
  4. In a few days there'll be an epic thread on.......... Ditchmans guide to making mole skin thongs and necklaces from mole ears
  5. so is it safe to say "no moles were harmed in the making of this thread" up to now?
  6. Added number to my phone and will check the website in the morning. 👍😀
  7. Nice 1. I'll google them.😁 Cheers.😎
  8. Since getting the little norica .410 it's been my go to gun on my regular visits to "the farm". Today I became a bit hamfisted and snapped the sprung steel bit on the bolt. Can I repair/replace this or try and find a secondhand bolt? It's now a single shot 😞
  9. Sounds a bit bespoke.
  10. Obviously. he was asking for "hands on experience "
  11. The joys of being "older" Paying for a year what the younguns pay a month
  12. gotgcoalman


    An old chap I knew years ago used to stand in his front garden poised over his mole hills. Greeting people and chatting as they passed his gate. First sign of soil movement and he would open fire. I believe he used to say "T only way to shift moles is shut the beggers wii the .410" No one batted an eyelid. Seemed to work.
  13. here http://www.saddleryandgunroom.co.uk/
  14. perceived sound behind the gun when firing and sound heard in front or to the side of the muzzle are totally different. A 12 I have sounds loud to me but at a clay shoot I was asked if it was an air gun by people on the stand 30 or so yards away. With the .410 it's usually "didn't hear the shot ,but the clay broke" my one's are all "add ons" not full barrel factory mods.
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