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  1. Read the basc repy and nowhere does it even mention the potential fiasco of having your neighbours interviewed about your suitability to own a gun. Seriously what the **** are basc and the rest doing about this,? writing a stern letter ? joke.
  2. The handle great and are as quick as ****. Seen loads when I was biking round Germany. Very well made and if you can afford one and want one then go for it. Or be a boring **** and listen to this lot on here and buy a blade/gixxer/generic road hardon
  3. Lifted a carrera hybrid bike out the skip last week. Washed it and set up the front gears then sold it for £140. Took 15 mins work
  4. Can't go out without a watch on. Wearing a TAG at the mo as my Rolex sub is due a service. That one has been worn every day for years and has been abused to bits. Toughest watch I've ever owned and has even made me a few thousand pounds in profit as well. Own two other Rolex and a few Tiso, Rado, RW as well.
  5. Anyone who sees anything wrong in this has a real problem and in my opinion they obviously view children as sexual and have a real issue that they need looked at.
  6. AOLQ should cover this. Shotgun for sheep. Saying that , I hit a Jacobs tup in the back of the heed with a .222 from 30 yrds and the **** walked of shaking it's head. It never walked from the second shot mind lol. Get Humane dispatch and add a 9mm semi auto with moderator to yer ticket ! haha.
  7. lol Aye. I keep reminding the that our sport was outlawed and stalking could be next. Anyway, my lurchers only chase rabbits. Very discerning lurchers mine
  8. Nice beast. Never bothered about heeds myself as I can't eat them. Am on SD a lot and can't recall that thread , must have missed it. And don't get me started on Deer managers or DMG's wtaf. Never had a deer ask me yet for my paperwork.
  9. Was there last week and stayed 4 days. Great ground and really testing with the wind I had when there. Caravan site is pretty good as well. Will be heading back because I really enjoyed the clay ground. Met an independent instructor while shooting and had an impromptu lesson as well. Cartridge prices are among the cheapest as well so picked up a 1000 while I was there.
  10. You could tell them to stick it up there **** as there is no need for any of that mentoring ****. Tell them you want a .243 for foxes and for paid stalking. You do not need any proof for stalking as you already have a need for foxes. Tell them you'll make an official complaint if they refuse as they are ignoring home office guidelines and making up false rules. Why do people let these fannies walk all over them with this hoop jumping ****.?
  11. Dealer has to warrant it even if a commission sale.
  12. Off course I meant from a retailer, but you knew that And dealers and traders have nothing to worry about if they are honest. If something is being sold as potentially not working or in bad order then sell it as that. If it's a good piece of kit then stand behind it . Simple.
  13. But everything you buy regardless of what it is is covered by the consumer protection act. If it was not working it would have to be sold as such, if it is working the dealer has to stand behind is and ensure it does what it is supposed to do. Anyway , I'm beginning to sound argumentative and I'n not an expert so I'll leave it there. Hope he gets the gun and it's a goodun.
  14. Rightoh. Now I'm not really convinced with this I'm afraid, I'm absolutely not being a ****, but if you sell a car for using on the road it has to be fit to use. If it needs repaired it's spares or repair. Selling it cheap isn't a defence against selling an item that is not fit for purpose. Like I say, not being a ****, but I've fought a couple of people on this point and have won my case, not in court, but they have backed down because they were wrong. This is relevant for any item sold. An air rifle has to shoot.
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