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Went out today after a callout from a farmer, DB had to work so I was on my own. I had a game dealer calling at 10.00 so I got on the field at 11.00 I set up and started to shoot following the previous topic "to shoot or not to shoot "I decided to shoot the first two into the decoys this had the effect that in some cases I was able to reload and shoot the tail enders. The one major effect was to totally disburse the flock. They then came back in smaller numbers, but I ended the day with 81.



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Yet another decent bag PC, well done, they're still not on the rape in any numbers down my way.


Re your thoughts as to whether to leave big flocks or not in the hope that they may come back, I've never been a believer in that theory, anything that comes within range gets zapped, be it 1 bird or a flock of 1 thousand, my Farmer friends prefer it that way. :yes:



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