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Tightchoke makes an interesting point. I agree you should when possible shoot with a cartridge that you are confident with. Kent's, comp x, superfast,t Fiocchi and many others are all reasonable inexpensive rounds. As with all in life, generally you get what you pay for. Confidence, I think is the most important component in your choice of cartridges. There are pros and cons with all ammunition If a cartridge doesn't kick you to death and patterns well on a pattern plate, then you should start to get consistent results with it if you shoot enough to learn it's limitations. Try not to shoot a box of cartridges and then discard it. Use the same gun/cartridge combination and shoot lots of rounds. Don't get hung up on one specific part of your shooting i.e. Chokes, Cartridges or barrel length. Good stance, gun mount and shooting lots will help more than chopping and changing cartridges. I can't work out why anyone would shoot with a cheap round for practice then change to another for competition shooting. On the subject of dirty cartridges. Is it important if a cartridge leaves more **** in your barrels. It's never going to build up. The next cartridge fired will clean it out. And then of course at the end of the day you're going to clean your gun anyway so why worry?

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Why are most people shooting cheap cartridges the price difference is £1 per box thats a maximum of £4 on a 100 bird shoot 20 registered shoots a year only £80 difference


Trust me I have been there had a whole year shooting cheap cartridges and won nothing went back to Express Super Comps and the money came rolling in you need confidence in your cartridges if you ever not sure that "will this break that clay " its time to change



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Like others here I have settled on Hull Superfasts 27grm 7.5.. Bought 1k when they first appeared a year or so ago and been using nothing else since. For the price I reckon they are good!

yup, the best carts i have used and nice and cheap :D

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