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9 hours ago, Paddyscot said:

Its the first time posting photos sorry if its in the wrong place. Took me ages but I won in the end just.

Hello Walker570 im in the republic of ireland moved here from scotland about 20 years ago 

Any background to your picture? 

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Hello all a bit of background to this head got a call from a farmer I know said he was having trouble with deer in his barley field. I said I would have a look, when I did there was 24 hinds there and a 22 point stag. Went up next night about 7 30 jumped the gate walked up to next field deer tracks everywhere, walked along ditch stopped 10 yards in,was only standing 3 mins and he appeared. Quickly got the 270 on the sticks and bang shot in the neck at 25 yards.As you can see he was a 12 pointer a baby and weighed 188 kg dressed out oh my back.The head will be bleached and antlers polished and mounted and given away to a landowner I do a bit of shooting for more photos to come from that thanks from paddyscot

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3 hours ago, Paddyscot said:

FOXHUNTER1 its all reds where I am but I have alot of ground in wicklow with lots of sika one morning there was 74 out feeding I will try to get a picture 

That must have been some sight....

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