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45 minutes ago, ninjaferret said:

No, she just sit's on the sofa having a beer or two and often the odd spliff reading books on how it should be done.................................................actually reminds me of a few on here :big_boss:

Can it drive as well 😁

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23 minutes ago, scotslad said:

I wasn't taking the mick, apart from snipe or deer none would really be classed as hpr work 

And even snipe depends how u shoot them/drive them.

Do u work them on open ground or just as a 'wonder' dog showing labs up?


Any half decent lab should do almost all u mentioned just as normal, nothing special, to be honest any working dog/breed should be doing wot u said really.

You can’t ask him a serious question, he’s got his back up and answers everything from a point of hostility. 

Not sure why he keeps coming back... he’s left 3 times... 

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Can we get this thread back on track please. 

Despite the bickering, it’s raised some good conversation... 


Guy Wallace put a chart comparing a number of breeds at different jobs ... he also notes his experience, training over 100+ HPR’s, And hundreds of other breeds as a trainer. 

I am enjoying his book so far ... the Versatile gundog arrived today, looking forward to reading that as well :) 


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1 hour ago, scotslad said:

As I've said before no good looking wot the best trained dogs of a breed do, look at the average and worst trained as chances are that's wot u'll end up with.

Very good advice ... also I think it’s worth looking at what the AVERAGE dog, with the AVERAGE handler, can achieve consistently. 

Don’t base your decision on a world class handler, with a top bred dog, who has access to hundreds of acres of world class shooting ground to train on, thats absolutely packed full of game... because the average shooting man isn’t going to be able to replicate that kind of thing... then may wonder why they are struggling or falling short. 


Top end dog work is a real rich mans game. Those lads running in the championship each year may be out shooting game over those dogs 3-4 days a week. 

It’s not comparable to the amateur going up the woods twice a week throwing dummies and firing their starter pistol. 

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For the main its been a bit funny at times and I do like to see how other dogs work and read about others experience with theirs. I would love to see pointers working for real but don't know if I will get the chance, I would still like to know what the OP wants to do with the dog.

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5 minutes ago, ninjaferret said:

I must be top end cos I shoot over my dog's MOST every day.......................  Thanks Loyd

It certainly makes you very fortunate. Your lucky to have that kind of access to game and land... and time off from work etc.


The rest of us mere mortals aren’t so lucky to be able to shoot over our dogs every day. 

Whether your a top end trainer or not, I can’t comment. I’ve never seen your dog/S work. I did ask if you had any videos etc in the past but unfortunately you said no, which is a shame. 

If you feel they’re good enough, enter your dog in a HPR trial. It’s the only real way to run your dog against other similar dogs against a set standard (The J Regs). 

I appreciate some people have no interest in trials or competitions, nothing wrong with that. 

However,  it is far to easy to talk up a dog without having to step up and compete against others who are at the top of the game. 


They are a beautiful breed and have to be admired for their versatility. Like I said, I would genuinely enjoy seeing a video etc of them in action. Not joking or being sarcastic in anyway for the record.  

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4 minutes ago, ninjaferret said:

I don't have time to do videos too busy shooting. And to be fair i' don't need prove to anyone how good my dogs are. People who shoot with me know, and that's good enough for me. I never did feel the need to learn the trumpet.


I had a feeling you would say that 🤣🤣

It’s easy to get an A+, when your marking your own homework 👀🤣🤣🤣


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