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a picture of my sidecar at brands hatch in 1987

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A bloke I know well raced side car and was Scottish Champion some years ago, and  I think was podium placed at the TT once. It’s quite a few years ago now....maybe ten or more. 
Patrick Farrance often used to be his partner. 

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3 hours ago, VULTURE said:

Hi is that a Suzuki TL1000R,    I have one in white that use for track days.   Lovely bike to ride.



Yep my old TL.

had some very nice goodies on it as well, great bike, needed to wrestle it a bit, but super stable.

regret selling it really. 😰

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23 hours ago, dead eye alan said:

You lot are all mad, how did you all manage to live so long, my parents were mad keen spectators, but never got involved with the racing. I was taken most weekends to Mallory park or Snetterton, seem to remember cold muddy and uncomfortable. but then again I was a moody teenager. 

mallory park was a great track until they put the silly bus stop in it always close racing there and snetterton was good as well the back strait gave the bike time to really get a speed on   i got dragged all the way up the start and finish strait once came round the bomb hole and turned left for the strait and the safty oil bottle had filled up and spewed over my platform i slid off the back and held on with one hand on the grip  and as was dragged along all up the strait when we turned right i was thrown in the field i didnt dare let go as we were up the front and if i would have i would have been run over by the following pack luck more than judgement  i managed to cling on  i had no broken bones but it did wear through both my boots and i lost a few toenails and  had loads of friction burns down my legs   

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