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A day on the rape

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Hi all set up yesterday morning for 1030 on some well hammered oil seed rape .10 dead birds out of the freezer 2 on the whirly and one on the bouncer wind blowing a huley west to east .Pigeons started to take interest after been in the hide about 10 minutes first one down and a steady flow of birds kept comeing from the woods just below where I was set up  no big flocks small groups and singles got my first ever 2with one shot and sadly missed the 3rd a couple of left and right and also a few easy bird misses the wind was a big factor driving the birds low but fast but a great day packed up 430 with 38 picked and 4 lost down in the woods pigeons and 1 crow rape starting to jump now with a bit of warm weather so not many more trips until the harvest 

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Great effort, a shame it was spoilt but I guess that’s shooting and no doubt they where just trying to enjoy their day too. The osr is starting to show yellow heads in Essex too.

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Good report and glad you got a nice lot of shooting , well worth keeping an eye on the growing rape for areas that were waterlogged in the Winter months , these poor growing plots can produce some good sport as the pigeons tend to leave the tall plants and head towards the backward plants. MM .

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