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Florida Keys.


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Yes, a couple of times. 

Not really a destination for Tuna though - target fish normally tarpon, snook, bonefish, trout (American saltwater trout completely different to the game fish), permit, jacks, various snapper, hogfish cobia and cuda more as a pest species plus the ever present tax man - sharks. 

Inshore fishing is very different to going out into the gulf and fishing over wrecks where you can add in amberjack which are awesome fun on light jigs. 

Inshore in shallow water is more the sport species and often fly fishing. 

Guides are expensive in the keys, plus the expected tip. You can hire boats and do DIY but without local knowledge could struggle. Fish from the shore next to or below bridges and it’s a fish a Chuck on live shrimp of all species plus many I couldn’t identify. 

Visit Robbie’s marina and hand feed tame tarpon. 

Eat blackened Mahi Mahi- my favourite dish anywhere in the world and look out for manatees - very cool to see. 

If you have time, drive along the Tamiami trial towards the gulf coast and through the Everglades and go on an airboat trip. Loads of bass and alligator gar (plus plenty of actual gators and cottonmouth snakes) to be caught from the canal parallel to the road so worth getting a freshwater license and some soft plastics to Chuck in there too. 

I love Florida for its fishing, one of my fave destinations. Looking forward to going back, I’ve not been for 4 years now. 

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Just now, NoBodyImportant said:

Florida is completely open with zero restrictions 

Yes, but the problem is when you want to come back home. Here in the UK our government have the ability to place quarantine restrictions on returnees from any location where there is a risk of bringing back infections to the uk. This has happened with only 4 days notice on several occasions.

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You can fly directly into key west but it’s twice as expensive.  Not just the ticket.  You car rental in Key west is twice of that in Miami.  I paid like $170 a day in Keywest for a Jeep and I could have rented in Miami do $69.  So if your staying a week it adds up.  Plus you could buy all your liquor and snack foods in Miami.  Everything on the islands is 20-100% more expensive 

Another great fishing trip is on the outer banks.  Lots of boats for rent so the price is lower.  Ocean it rougher off the coast there but the fishing is better. 

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16 hours ago, Smokersmith said:

With the high vaccination rate, I expect the US will be on the Green list when returning.

Everyone who wants a vaccine has got it at this point.  The vaccine distribution centers have 10 nurses playing on their phones at this point.  Nobody is in line because nobody wants else wants it.  Right now employers are not requiring it as it has not met the FDA standards and approval.  After the FDA seems it safe many companies will require it and there will be lines.  

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23 hours ago, Smokersmith said:

I would have agreed with you a few months ago, but vaccinations are only taking it one way....

But the take up of vaccines in Florida is not anything like the UK and when you get folk mingling from all over the place it seems to me like playing Russian Roulette 🤣

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