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BASC Ladies Shooting Day


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My Mrs has had a SGC for several years. She has never shot clays and just uses it for squirrels and corvids round here.

We saw BASC were offering a Ladies clay shoot day for novices about an hour from here and she said she'd like to try it.

The morning came and she was a bit nervous, assuming everyone else there would be crack shots and she was dragging her feet as she went to the car. :lol:

By the time she got back she was buzzing. She'd met some nice people, found out she wasn't a bad shot, had breakfast and lunch and is considering going on another one next month.

Nice one BASC. 


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Good for her, and you. 👍

BASC  do run some good venues admittedly. 

My OH has often said she would like a go, so we intend to go up to Westlands sometime.

A mate and me have a trap and have been giving his three kids ( one of whom is a girl ) a bit of tuition. They’re really enjoying it and are hitting basic driven and incoming birds quite regularly. They have now got their mother and grandmother involved! All together there are five females having a go. It may not amount to anything, but you’ve got to start somewhere. 
Mates daughter is a definite as she is mad keen, who would scive off school to go beating and picking up if she could get away with it. 

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Brilliant to hear! 

6 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

More Ladies should be encouraged to get out on the clays. :good:

Mr Tightchoke has proved himself a firm favourite amongst the lady guns. Watch out when he dons the tweeds and starts being charming! Although I think it's the coaching they really appreciate, it could also be the twinkle in his eye 😏

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My shooting buddy’s daughter often  joins us on a Sunday morning who regularly beats me and has been known to beat her dad around coniston ! She’s of to Uni in a week so last weekend with us this Sunday. I always like watching the reactions when she shoots as most assume she is new to shooting ( usually young males ) the look when she follows them onto a stand they have struggled with and she stands there and smokes em! Priceless 


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