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post a air gun.


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As far as I am aware there is no requirement for face to face with an air weapon for private sellers.However a person in the UK who sells airguns by way of trade of business must now be registered as an RFD and those sales...from RFD to private buyer MUST be face to face.

As far as a private seller is concerned (and the onus is on them) they must, I believe, nevertheless satisfy themselves that the buyer is over the age of eighteen if the seller is present or is having the air weapon sent to them.

But also be aware that pre-1939 made air weapons are classed as "vintage" and have exemptions to some of the rules that apply to "modern" (aka post-1939) air weapons and "made" means that actual gun's date of manufacture. It doesn't mean of a pattern "made" pre-1939.

Lastly Royal Mail or Parcelforce have their own regime as to who can post an air weapon and what can be posted and AFAIR they also require that any air weapon must have the package marked "DELIVERY EXCEPTION - ADDRESSEE ONLY - MUST NOT BE LEFT WITH NEIGHBOUR". Or some such words.

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Parcelforce 48 is the only service that PF will allow for airguns and the max Insurance cover is £100. They may well tell you that you can increase the cover but it wont be valid in the event of a claim. 

You can use Royal Mail Special Delivery with added compensation, you just have to get inside the parcel dimensions for the service. Easy for most pistols, not so easy for rifles.

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