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Pigeon Magnet/Speed Controller Issues


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Hi all, I’ve had my magnet ages and took it out, I’d left my speed controller at home so wired it up and all was fine except I could have done with slowing it numerous times - it rotated anti clockwise. 

Anyway I couldn’t find my controller so dug out another remote one but no matter what I do it send the arms the wrong way, it’s driving me mad now!

Any suggestions why it’s doing this and how to get the bloody thing going the way it should?


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2 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Only if the decoys are in reverse!  

as you know the cradle that holds the dead bird can be put in either side of the arm but having said that I just wonder what would happen if you did have the dead bird going backward, might try next time I am out. :hmm:

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The arms are angled based on it rotating anti clockwise, if I send it clockwise then I would have to bend the arms round which I’d rather not do. 

When it’s connected direct to the battery it’s fine, put a speed controller on and it’s off the other way?

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1 hour ago, Cortex said:

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Thank you so much.


Norwegian blue ????. 

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