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Glass cleaner


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9 hours ago, countryman said:

Every product I try to clean my windows on my cars all ways seem to leave streaks. What actually does what it says on the tin and leaves a clear window.

Do these streaks have a pattern?

If the pattern matches your cleaning pattern, you haven't polished it properly.

As Ditchman states, clean the rubber blades as if they are still dirty, they may be the cause.

Consider replacing the wiper blades if they are shot.

To really clean a windscreen, after going over with hot water and detergent, use copious amounts of vinegar.

It is usually down to a lack of effort!:rolleyes:

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I use Screwfix glass cleaner for the inside of the glass, but for the windscreen and blades I am fanatical, I can not abide a dirty windscreen. Several years ago an AA guy put me onto these nylon scrubbing pads. I now use them for everything and in almost 7 years they have NEVER SCRATCHED any surface I have used them on. I keep one in the car along with a small bottle of neat windscreen additive.  If I stop at any time in my journey, I clean the screen and wipers with one soaked in windscreen additive, along with my lights. I use them to clean the piston etc on my auto, also with bathroom cleaner to clean bath, washbasin, shower etc. They are around £2 in Home Bargains or the like. Oh, and they are good for dishes, pots and pans too  !

For some reason I am unable to load the accompanying pics.  ?

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