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while out for a walk with the hound earlier and he found this.

big pile of fur,spine is completely removed as is one back leg,the other back leg is still attached to a small portion of the back end,the rest of body and head are missing.

all the bits were in a 2.5 mtr circle.

i firstly thought fox,but a fox would have just carried it all off.



no smart answers like .308 or .22-250 please😁

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37 minutes ago, old'un said:

have you ever seen mice attack dead pigeon, vicious little things.

No, can't say I have. But have seen half a dozen magpies rip a dead collared dove to shreds in a few minutes,,,, just before the golf course groundsman went over it with his towing mower blades 😲 Never seen such a spread of feathers and bits 😬

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