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  2. I’m a game shooter as are all my mates. We all shoot pigeons corvids etc out of the game season, and carry out pest control of many species at many locations. This effects us as much as anyone else.
  3. Yes, totally agree. I’m under no illusion as to his ultimate agenda, and with an adversary as articulate, intelligent, well informed and persistent as he, we have to have our act water tight.
  4. Well that incident has just been reported on the BBC Radio 4 news at 2pm saying that Packham's address has been shared on social media along with an invitation to dump dead animals there. Not the brightest move to carry out such an action but I imagine Mr Packham's property is protected by CCTV.
  5. Agreed....it just goes to show what can be done with little resources when ‘right’ is on your side and no fear of rocking the boat. Food for thought for our so called shooting representative bodies. I think there should be dismissals also.
  6. I can't get to register.. Got to the CWM page and its blank with just username and password box for sign in.. This is a bloody nightmare. My shotgun listed as flock control and bird control is useless right now.
  7. As above in need of a transfer port and valve block for a 2250 for my lad he took it apart and lost the two items
  8. Nice head, but he seems to have bad front left leg?
  9. BRNO/CZ ZKM 452 De Luxe £275 .22 LR Rifle Private Seller Used - Very Good Condition Edinburgh, Midlothian Bolt Action Description For sale CZ BRNO .22 ZKM 452 De Luxe rifle. The rifle has a 25.5 inch barrel, it comes with a sling, Nikko Sterling 6X40 silver crown scope, one steel 10 rounds magazine, one plastic 10 rounds magazine, original iron sights, Parker Hale sound moderator and 365 rounds of CCI 40 grains round nose Mini Mags. The rifle is very accurate and in very good condition but it does have some marks on the stock. I have hardly shot this rifle in the last few years as there are no rabbits around. The price for the all the items is 275 pounds. I bought this rifle new. I'm in Edinburgh. FAC holders only. fhfh This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member fhfh. Message them here View the full article
  10. Price drop, £165 including postage
  11. Avery's main agenda, as I've explained on other forums, is to end driven grouse shooting. He's tried the direct approach with his own e-petition, which did get a parliamentary debate but, ultimately was an embarrassing failure. He's also failed on his Judicial Review on the hen harrier brood management scheme. But he's appealing that. He's now changed tactics and trying to undermine driven grouse shooting by multiple methods. If you can stomach it, take a look at his blog and his efforts to oppose heather burning, lead ammunition, medicated grit etc. Ruth Tingray is of the same position. They've managed to secure Packham as a high profile figurehead. Everything about pigeon shooting, feral pigeon control etc that has been caught up in NE's decision to withdraw the general licences is just collateral damage as far as they're concerned. What they're angling for, and no doubt they're doing everything in their power to try and influence the wording of the promised replacement general licences, is for it to become impossible to control corvids for the benefit of grouse production. Driven grouse shooting is the only area of game shooting relying solely on wild birds. Vermin control, including corvid control, is central to producing sufficient numbers of grouse to make it viable. Under the old general licences, grouse keepers could operate under gl06, although it was in my eyes a bit of a grey area. What Wild Justice will be hoping, and actively pushing for, will be for the new wording to close that loophole. The recent appointment of Tony Juniper at NE worries me in that regard.
  12. Call me sceptical but i think this is by him trying to drum up some sympathy. I can not imaging anyone in the shooting community doing this. https://twitter.com/ChrisGPackham/status/1121369400437817344/photo/1
  13. Blimey, I sent you too much, hold on to the spare bit for the next one!
  14. Don't know what happened there but first picture should not be there.
  15. https://images.app.goo.gl/zS9KjpQZewXrz4tf7 Are these still available. Are these still available.
  16. It’s all looking good and many thanks to the blue chips 🍟 corporations that are involved shall we have to watch out for a multi national corporate takeover? I think the blade was just a touch larger when new 🤗
  17. The project is going forward............it came to a standstill because of the lack of tool steel in the right size and quality...........so Ditchman Eng Ltd contacted the sister company (blue chip Co).....Tightchoke Eng' Projects.and put a call out for specialist steel....D2...LC120S....the order was duly processed and arrived today ............a hole was drilled to act as a datum point for the redesign back to the original shape of the blade.........i intend to draw out the original shape after further research and consultation with "grandads knife old farrier works Ltd" laughing aside....the british like to work...they like to go to work...it gets them out of the house ...see their mates...and have a chat earn a bit of overtime for cartridges........ whereas...the french do not like to work....infact the shorter the hours the better....in their spare time they spend sleeping...smoking gauloise fags ...drinking coffee and stinking of garlic and emptying their gaulish bottoms into holes in the ground...........
  18. If they are going to be there long term your best bet is to move, once you cross or upset that lot of scum bags your life will be not worth living.
  19. John Forsey have just extended their range of Patternmaster and they said they can get any model that is not already in stock.
  20. He's a smart guy, and regular public speaker. I can understand where he is coming from on many things, even if I don't agree. However, what they are hoping is that the licences that will be issued will contain names of licencees and details of specific species to be controlled and where in the UK. It's a bit like what they did in Holland, basically best way to eat an elephant is in small bites. Any small restrictions add up to a bigger cumulative effect. I mean it would be an impossible position for them to defend if they said that no control should be carried out, but I think their intention is to go for anything they can to make it more difficult, or limited. Otherwise why start this in the first place, it's certainly not because they are legal nerds who like poring over legislation, it's because they have an agenda. Wasn't so long ago Avery was all over the Lead shot debacle, and making pals up with John Swift.
  21. So I don’t catch magpies suffer predation from crows or have my cover crops hammered by pigeons im sure the game shooting fraternity that is constantly seen as the best way of gaining permissions and vermin control is doing plenty maybe not as vocal as some would like maybe there thinking about the solution not blaming various organisations Imagine what you’re countryside would look like if our forefathers were more interested in growing carrots than game shooting
  22. I am sorry but must disagree with the hindsight part of your comment. All the organisations claim to be there for the shooting public and basc claim as part of their publicity they are the voice of shooting. It is their place to watch for this type of action from fanatics such as packham but again they are asleep. Or to busy organising their next dinner function to pat each other on the back for their achievements.???
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