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  2. Hi how do you want to pay BACS or paypal.

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    2. I'm confused - is the Collard Dove back on the GL?
    3. figgy

      Garden bird ID

      Isn't the mythical oozlum bird on one of the carry on films. I think you have a female Bullfinch.
    4. The best most accurate ammo in my gun might be the worst least accurate ammo in your gun. Go buy a box of 3-4 brands of 90-100gr 243 soft points, shoot them at 100-250 yards and compare them for what you want them to do 👍🏻.
    5. I agree, I saw the old GL come in, but clearly quite a few of the later people to join the sport were unaware that they even existed, it was a quick look at the quarry list or a 'mate' said and off you went. Personally I think the new GLs are better. The best thing to come out of it, is that a lot more shooters are now aware that they exist and that can only be a good thing.
    6. hello, i bought some items from the USA ,a gun shop right out in the wilds of Michigan, called Squirrel claws, sent normal post and never had any UK duty or vat, not the same with an ATN night vision scope, cost nearly as much for import as the scope, then it broke !!!!!!!, not my best purchase advice to my self !!!!!!
    7. hello, ah the very rare oozlum bird, some say its a mythical creature, native to Australia, must have stopped off at Leeds for a rest,
    8. hello, do many PW members use bouncers, ? you do need a good breeze to keep them moving, i have a pigeon and crow with foam wings, screwed on fixing plates, glued in the wings and tail and they float about quite realistic,
    9. the point of asking is to try to use the best , most accurate ammo to hone my skills for a tight pattern before I use this new gun for its purpose I have been" practicing " with guns 50+ years
    10. i know im going to regret this................. what is the ooselum bird ?......................
    11. I totally agree. A magnet for me is a very useful tool, and one that I would rather not be without. However, I know shooters that shoot as many pigeons as the next man with just static dead birds. Also, I reckon I still would have shot over 100 on the clover the other day with no moving decoys. Good luck. You may be surprised by the positive response you get. I gained permission on 100 acres of peas just yesterday, when i thought the farmer would most likely refuse.
    12. My springer is from modern trial lines, he’s just gone over a year old and is just a tiny bit smaller than a bitch lab. He’s got a bit of filling out to do yet but I wouldn’t want him too big. Ive seen some that are very stocky and heavy set but they’re not pretty to watch, it’s like a pig plowing through cover. Rather a dog with brains over brute force.
    13. Lloyd90

      black cocker

      Just found it concerning, there’s more time been put into writing that he could be used as a stud dog than writing what training he’s had / done and what home he would be suited to. Seeing loads of people breeding cockers atm cos they’re fetching silly money.
    14. I have some softwood shavings that are perfect for pets. They normally list them as 25kg bags but they are around 4-5’ high and 6-700mm across. You’d only fit one in a car boot . i can sort a picture tomorrow. A donation to epilepsy is all I’d like . £5 a bag
    15. 🤣🤣🤣 Just the one trapped today 1074
    16. Mice!


      Not sure I've had them a while, you can adjust how sensitive they are, under the heads is a small bowl to put the bait, I'm also using peanut butter, they have to put there head in to get the bait!! I have caught them across the legs when there's been no bait for a while if the slugs have had it, they must be running past and snap!
    17. wymberley


      They're trying to catch T411, but everytime that they get within about 6 miles they put a spurt on. Still, plenty of time yet.
    18. amateur

      Garden bird ID

      The Ooselum bird
    19. Gifts are still charged duty, there is no exemption from duty for gifts. They are well aware of that old trick, they are just as likely to charge you a steep estimate if you don't put a proper declaration of value on the paperwork. You must have just been lucky they couldn't be bothered to chase it up
    20. He's lucky spitting images is no longer on TV that's for sure
    21. Garbage! my dad bought a 67 plate titanium x diesel new. Did 3200 miles in it and couldn’t take anymore traded it back in. Felt cheap and nasty and thrown together
    22. I will. Thank you. Thank you. Would you say that is the only difference? If a "cut out" was made in the 30 stock do you think it would fit?
    23. Kc reg legally docked due clawed both mum and dad work due to leave next weekend £750 Berwick-upon-Tweed dad is fully health tested and all clear mum is clear by parents
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