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  1. i didn't know that Packham was vice president of RSPB https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/08/rspb-members-protest-controversial-crow-cull/
  2. 5. WILDFOWLING AND THE LAW Prohibited Methods A number of methods of killing or taking wild birds are prohibited. These include gin, spring, leg and pole traps, snares, nets, electrical scaring devices, poisonous substances, bows or crossbows, explosives (other than firearm ammunition), artificial light, mirror or dazzling devices, devices for illuminating a target or sighting device for night shooting, automatic or semi-automatic weapon (unless it is incapable of holding more than 2 rounds in the magazine) and shotguns with an internal diameter at muzzle more than 1¾ inches. The use of sound recordings, and decoys of live birds tethered, blinded or maimed is illegal. It is also an offence to cause or permit such methods to be used. It is an offence to use any mechanically-propelled vehicle – including boats – in immediate pursuit of a wild bird to kill or take it.
  3. Columbia Quick Loader Omni-Tech Parka, Delta Hunter Marsh Camo,size XL,has ammo tubes on front of jacket,in very good condition,this cost me approx £250 a few years ago(from USA),sell £80 posted
  4. this where BASC spend our money(2017)
  5. https://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/3072447/its-official-tony-juniper-appointed-natural-england-chair
  6. i think shooters who are not members of basc etc should contribute to a fighting fund but as i am a basc member i already contribute
  7. definately something going on because every time i ride my bike it feels as if i've been shafted
  8. at least the Ukranians knew that they were voting for a comedian
  9. they are mobil chokes which fit alot of different makes of shotguns
  10. approx 28" ,this fitted me perfect when i was about a 45" chest
  11. Mossy Oak Shadowgrass hooded jacket,quilted bomber type,size XL,very comfortable to shoot in,ideal for the very cold frosty mornings on the marsh,£32.50 posted
  12. any rabbit burrows nearby as they nest in them?
  13. Hoggs of Fife Stalker waterproof fleece jacket,size large(big large),longer in length than normal,covers your butt,little used,£50 posted
  14. Helikon Patriot hooded Fleece jacket in tan,size xl,the velcro adjustable cuff straps have come apart(as seen in 3rd pic) but can be glued back together otherwise in excellent condition,£37.50 posted https://www.helikon-tex.com/en_eur/bl-pat-hf-patriot-jacket-double-fleece.html
  15. andrewluke


    at the end of the day it's only a building
  16. i thought that if it's the firearms dept are at fault then they have to give you a temp cert
  17. in Wales they are known as sewin
  18. andrewluke


    four antlers,sold
  19. follow your conscience and you will always feel happier
  20. if Ed keeps asking who's liable he'll get the same answer,the only way to get the money back is to sue his mate
  21. i know his mate was driving his van,i don't know why he brought his neighbour into it nobody is gloating,Ed is responsible for the bill,who do you think will end up paying the bill???
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