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  1. Hawke Vantage 3-9x50 AO IR Mil-dot scope with mounts,brand new/unused,£90 posted now £85 posted
  2. rimfire scope sold pending payment
  3. Hawke Vantage 3-9x50 IR Rimfire .22 LR Subsonic scope,first 3 photos,brand new/unused,£90 posted Hawke Vantage 3-9x50 AO IR Mil-dot scope with mounts,brand new/unused,£90 posted would swap the pair for unused Samsung s7 mobile phone
  4. i would accept £60 posted for the three micro core pads
  5. Bisley hand guard 12 bore ,brand new,£30 posted
  6. i have three Micro Core and one Gel-Tek recoil pads,the micro core are 28mm,23mm and 13mm thick,the Gel-tek is approx 21mm thick all new/unused,£22.50 each posted
  7. Le Chameau Tetras Chapka Fur Hat,size large,brand new with tags,£30 posted https://www.allcockscountry.co.uk/men/country-hats-caps.html
  8. Beretta Swiftach shotgun sling kit,new/unused,£35 posted for semi-auto/pump
  9. Briley mobil extended ported chokes skeet,modified and full,£65 posted
  10. Bisley hand guard 12 bore,used,£25 posted
  11. 1,Tide's Ending,BB 2,Dark Estuary,BB 3,KENZIE The Wild Goose Man,Colin Willock 4,Goose Fever,Douglas McDougall 5,Hunters Fen,John Humphreys 6,Duck Shooting,Colin Willock 7,Wildfowling Ways,Alan Jarrett 8,Dee Wildfowler-The Last Professional,Harold Gill £130
  12. i have 8 boxes Eley Bismuth cartridges in Maximum 4s and one box of alphamax 5s
  13. Browning/Winchester invector plus full choke tube,new/unused,£22.50 posted https://www.avalon-guns.com/shotgun-accessories/choke-store/browning-miroku-chokes/browning-12g-black-steel-invector-plus-flush
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