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  1. canvas and leather net front game bag,rubberised inner,used once only,cost £85 sell £55 posted
  2. started watching this vid,will watch the rest later
  3. more info https://reeltalk.orcaonline.org/viewtopic.php?t=9517
  4. possibly this https://www.vintageflytackle.com/products/ari-t-hart-ari-ii-fly-reel-1
  5. i bet she's better with pump action
  6. andrewluke


    Morrisons diesel £1.05 ltr
  7. i dont like dark/black clouds usually means rain
  8. just caught the last couple of minutes of a program on tv so found it on youtube https://social.shorthand.com/TitanicMystery/jCPyIbzzPVc/did-the-titanic-really-sink-or-was-it-olympic
  9. the cartridge companies want a hand out then charge you top whack for their "new" cartridges
  10. as above,please pm me,thanks
  11. if you need medication but no doctor will prescribe it then you need to take it further but no excuse for taking drugs illegally,will you tell your feo that you are taking medication not prescribed to you
  12. no excuse for taking them illegally which is what this thread is about
  13. you were probably suffering from low Testosterone so was prescribed it and your levels are now normal,there's no excuse for taking/using anabolic steroids illegally,
  14. a common side effect of anabolic steroids ;altered mood, irritability, increased aggression, depression or suicidal tendencies.
  15. how dare you,this is the most important man in the country,i'd give my life for this man, not!
  16. why not put some chicken wire around it(not tight against it) to protect from magpies,robins and blue tits will have no problem getting through the mesh,it should protect the eggs/chicks while in the nest
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