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  1. pair of leather RAF pilots gloves,theses are thin so good sensitivity,size 9.5, i usually wear xl and these are a perfect fit,excellent condition(creased from storage),£22.50 posted
  2. it's always a good day to be Welsh
  3. like i said let the rugby do the talking😀
  4. Hoggs of Fife Aviemore Men’s Padded Jacket Green,size large but i would say more like an XL,in excellent condition,£45 posted https://www.dhccountrywear.com/products/hoggs-of-fife-aviemore-padded-jacket?variant=34611848647
  5. Nikon Fieldscope 60mm with 20x eyepiece,comes with stay on case,in very good condition,excellent for nature/birdwatching,£125 posted
  6. Visionary Inara 7.5x36 binoculars,rubber armoured,with case/boxed,excellent condition,£65 posted https://www.birdwatching.co.uk/bird-watching-binoculars/visionary-inara-75x36
  7. even though you have to pay ask for nhs prices for the work done,it's alot cheaper
  8. pair of Visionary Fieldtracker 8x42 ED binoculars,brand new/unused,only been out of box for photos,cost £280,sell £145 posted or swap for Nikon b700 camera http://www.opticalhardware.co.uk/visionary-fieldtrackerreview.pdf
  9. it's better than "giving it loads" before the game and looking like a right **** after the game😀,
  10. andrewluke

    Knife crime.

    was it a "white" gang???
  11. well!,like the other games i'll let the rugby do the talking😉
  12. have a look here https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/products/airflo-outlander-mesh-vest?variant=8129142882391
  13. is this what you need http://www.southertonguns.com/listing/g-gamba-gardone-vt-cartridge-extractor-with-retaining-clip/ sorry the above is for a single barrel☹️
  14. the thieves possibly spooked by the publicity on countryfile?
  15. the OP posted it on the 21st feb the day after season ended??,i think the OP wanted a reaction
  16. not really,shoot them and they don't breed!
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