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  1. I will take the knives please.
  2. I have used this in the past FIREARMSLIC@surrey.pnn.police.uk
  3. You don’t really see them very often. i spotted a pair on the farm rolling around playing and was too slow or probably too happy to see them to shoot. Too small to bother a full grown pheasant are they keen on the eggs?
  4. Just guessing but the original thread was about dental debt. Is your dental practice a large chain ie My Dentist? I did hear they had been hacked and lost data a few years ago so are not sure whether people owe money or not so even if you do just say no as the iIT systems should be better protected. Kids in college / Uni still exempt you can claim it back or just evidence they aren’t in edu action and you will not be charged / fined
  5. I was out today shooting pigeons over rape with a mate I was shooting a Browning Maxus using Eley 30g 6’s. As a pair of birds came in we agreed to take chosen birds but as I went to shoot I thought I had left my safety on as no recoil and the bird didn’t drop ( obviously an easy bird) Luckily the cartridge didn’t cycle properly so unloaded and had a quick look with a torch down the barrel and through chamber. The barrel was fully blocked by the fibre wads and took a fare old effort to push out with a bouncer rod to clear once the gun was stripped. How common is this as I have never had it happen before . I have had the odd misfire will h a good strike but not anything to block the barrel...... scary!
  6. Might be worth a call although I have never heard of a rizzini m
  7. Have u tried Abacus Clay sports. I seem to remember that I got a screw from them for Rizzini in the past
  8. Just bought the xxl 27 as I kept breaking axe handles and was replacing every 6 months so hopefully will not have to withe the fiskers which has a 25 yr guarantee. I think u can get a free sharpener still if you get the xxl 27 through Tooled-Up” delivered for £60. I have used the xxl 27 for a few hrs and it splits well better than anything I previously have used either heavy splitter or a 4 1/2 lb cutting axe
  9. It’s added a new dimension to a shoot day for us this season with 6 being shot on the day. Not one bird shot in previous years but we seem to have gained a flock of about 60-80. We are Near East Grinstead.
  10. Used Watch Doctor for Tag Heur Automatic £220. Back within 2 weeks and time spot on. It had totally died.
  11. Sat in the garden watching about 30 pigeons on the ash tree next door, never knew!
  12. If not i’ll have it. let me know.
  13. Q -Can I set a double furrow plough down a few inches, pull some lines and place the chokes in rather then making thousands of holes with a bar? a - Yes we planted artichokes last year this way. We have a clay soil and although a bit hit and miss most came up and gave great cover. Q - Do you need to strim or clear away the previous crop for the next year's to come through? A - I have strimmed off the old growth and will ridge up again using the plough for this years growth. Hopefully it will be good again this year. Q- Anything else I need to do apart from bung them in and let them grow? A - other than what advised no. Good luck
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