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  1. Teardrops are an option when buying. I have a grade 6 without would agree that it looks like a grade 5 or prestige which look better than the 6 with the gypsies kiss
  2. I have been given the following .410 carts from a mate and before I use them just thought I would ask if they were valuable/ collectible and an idea of price and age as they look old. Eley 50mm 6s full box Eley Extra Long 3 inch smokeless 5s x 11 Eley 2 inch 5s x 13in box Eley 2 inch 9’s or showing as ix on top so assuming x3 TopMark x3 27mm made be home made
  3. I think your dentist is proposing for you to have mini implants. If you had an existing set of dentures they could be used as part of that procedure but as you have lost additional teeth it is not an option. Dentistry is no different to other sectors in that you pay more for brands that spend money on marketing, premium brand for flexible dentures is Valplast but an alternative may be 40% cheaper and do the same thing ie Sunshine but depends on what the dentist is trained in. Flexible acrylic dentures are a private option and hold to the gums better and hence you will have fewer pro
  4. On small shoots it is usually a 1/2 gun or full gun used as rent. Keeps the farmer interested in the shoot and forms relationships long term
  5. Make sure you have your license and insurance as they usually check.
  6. Thanks for the replies . you tube guidance in Spanish did the trick. the innards had been tinkered with and the part was upside down and also missing 3 ball bearings. The trigger wasn’t cocked when I fitted it and it was a bit fiddly but managed to get it all together even without a main spring clamp. (Pakistan YouTube guidance using body weight. Stock refinished in Boiled linseed oil and all back together working.... surprised myself!
  7. Looking for some help! i was asked to have a look at an Original 35 which was missing a trigger unit., everything else looked in place. I ordered a new trigger unit and tried to fit it but the retaining pin is blocked from sliding through by a spring internally. The gun will break and slides freely but will not hold a cock without a trigger i’ M guessing. you tube has not helped just wondered whether you had any advice.or ideas to resolve
  8. If you go back to Halfords they will probably have a box you can work through to find it. Kwik Fit did the same to me and when I popped back they gave me a choice of 5 to try! Specific to my make and model. Obviously they never forget to return the locking nut!
  9. Looking for a beater maybe 2 with dogs. small farm shoot averaging 50 birds shooting the following remaining dates Sat 21st Dec Thur 26th Dec Sat 4th Jan Sat 18th Jan Beaters Day - Driven Sat 25th Jan shoot plus Shoot Lunch Sat 1st Feb Mop up day predominantly pheasant and duck on ponds and stream. We pay £25 and have homemade soup provided at lunch in the barn were we eat together guns and beaters. potential to pigeon shoot out of season once established ( not guaranteed at discretion) please Pm.
  10. I have one in 20g and paid £200 about 5yrs ago. had an issue with double discharge popped it to the gunsmith and no problem since. use it as a knockabout gun, light to carry and capable of anything and 20g carts are no too expensive. Used it on a driven day and had probably my best shot ever.... witnessed by the keeper.
  11. We do both on our shoot, as in feed a pond to pull in wild duck and this year for the first time we have ponds were we put down 100 duck. The duck we put down were exercised after a month which basically means you get them off with a dog and make sure they all get off and have a fly for 20 mins by using umbrellas to stop them plopping back on another pond. We have had 3 shoot days and they have flown well and add a different dimension to a predominantly pheasant shoot, so not a duck drive but a mix depending on pegs. not expensive to set up just an auto feeder and a pallet island on a pu
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