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  1. Completely agree. But as said, I did complete the survey, but I did question whether I should actually complete it, maybe we are all too honest for our own good. Hayden
  2. Not sure that statistic of 10% is all that bad. I imagine there are a lot of members who do not 'control pests'. I umm'd and ahhh'd whether to complete the survey or not, as I very rarely control pests so should it apply to me or not. In the end I did complete the survey, but as I say, it's not something I routinely do. Hayden
  3. I mostly have my Swiss Army knife on me when I'm not at work, was given to me for my 14th birthday, I think. It's especially handy when my daughter has fallen over (She's 4) and say to her that whatever hurts, I'm happy to chop off. She soon stops crying! Hayden
  4. As they are offering a fuel car with private fuel included, The BIK of £5-6k will be on top of the car BIK, so you need to ask yourself, would you spend more on fuel than the tax on the additional £5-6k BIK? If you were to pay for your own private fuel (via the fuel card) then there would be no BIK on the fuel card. Cheers Hayden
  5. I too, have a cocker, she's 11 now and is going a bit deaf, but has been a brilliant dog. Around the house, very chilled and great with the kids (3 under, 5) and up until a year or so ago outside was in hunt mode all the time, so could be quite hard to reign in, but that's mostly due to me. In her youth she was a brilliant beating dog, working well with other dogs, and fearless in cover. I've always said that I wouldn't get another one, but the fact of the matter is, I will. They are a good size, a great dog around the house, great with kids, and my next dog I will invest the time/money into training to get the dog I want out in the field. Cheers Hayden
  6. I thought mine had been looked after, even checked with the previous owner about the fuel pump, as it's a known fault, he'd told me it was done, and it was my own fault for not checking. I should have purchased it, then taken it straight to my trusted garage to check, but I didn't, and 4 months later, paid the ultimate price! Lesson learned the hard way. Mine had only done 107k miles, but as said previously, I was unable to do the work needed/know the right people to get it back on the road cost effectively. I think the oil pump issue was the 2007 and 2008 cars. Ah, the snow on Friday Simonm, living just outside of Basingstoke (And working in Basingstoke) we had fun.. My XC90 worked well, but I'm pleased I didn't get stuck in the traffic! But you're right, they are everything anyone would ever need in a 4x4, assuming you look after them/have a good one! Mine had AT tyres, and worked really well. Cheers Hayden
  7. Completely agree. Whoever thought it was a good idea, that to do almost anything, you'd need to lift the body off, must have had a screw lose!! Coupled with not great reliability, no wonder why they are so expensive to buy in the first place! As you say, a great drive and everything else, but the repair bills could bring most men to tears.. Cheers Hayden
  8. Very good point. But unfortunately I was at the stage of, if I get this repaired, what else could go wrong with the car in future, had lost trust in that particular car. Various people had suggested all these options (The D3 forum was very informative of all the options I had), but I'm not very handy when it comes to cars, so would have had to rely heavily on others and the thought of doing all this filled me with dread. Also not having the time to buy, strip and sell all the good bits of a donor car, and then there was trying to gain access to a workshop to do a 'body off' rebuild. Completely out of my comfort zone, and way too much work for an accountant by trade! Cheers Hayden
  9. Interestingly I had a Discovery 3 (57 plate) and was bitten badly, I've now just bought an XC90, it's a 59 plate, it has 70k on the clock and was 11.5k, only had it a week, but dead impressed with it, it's super comfy, and the wife likes it more than the Disco! Yes, it's a little smaller (Boot wise) and of course, doesn't have the off-road ability, but it feels much nicer to drive, and probably suits us just as well. We have 3 kids under 5, and it fits 3 car seats side by side, with ease. I think the fuel economy is a little better than the Disco, and of course, the road tax is £200 a year cheaper. I'm led to believe that they are a far more reliable car than the Disco's, I have my fingers crossed! All in all, pleased I made the switch. Good luck! Hayden
  10. Be very careful. I had a 57 plate that I had to scrap after 5 months of ownership, due to the oil pump housing shearing off, knocking the timing belt and knackering the engine. It just wasn’t economical to get the engine replaced. Was quoted between 6 and 12k to repair. Whatever you buy get it checked to over as I was told that the oil pump had been changed when it hadn’t. Saying all this, if my wife would let me, I’d get another one! They are huge inside, and are very practical, loads of room for kids and dogs. Good luck with whatever you decide. Hayden
  11. Hayden

    For single men

    Soda Crystals in with every few washes and a boil wash once a month should keep all that at bay, or so I've been told..
  12. Now, yesterday's stage certainly livened things up! Was starting to get a bit bored of this years GC race. G certainly seems the strongest rider of them all in this race, and was good to see him attack at the top. Agree with this. I'm not surprised at all that G is the leader, there is only so much one man can (physically) win. Also agree with this. The booing is just pathetic. I think we need more stages like this. Forget the big 200km+ stages, drop the mileage and see everyone go full gas for the whole ride. Cheers Hayden
  13. I'm also glad to see Froome racing, it does bring the question though, how many other riders have been in his situation but no one knows about it?! He handled himself well throughout. My money is on Froome/Team Sky too. They are such a strong team that I don't think anyone can match, as we saw in The Giro. Will look forward to catching the highlights each night on ITV4. Hayden
  14. I had a Disco 3 for a very short time (Don't ask!!). They are like no other car, and if my wife would let me, I'd have another tomorrow! I find myself trying to find something that can replace it, but I can't, there is nothing quite like it. Good luck with the search. Hayden
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