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  1. I use these for spinning/lure and float work. Amazing reels for the money, and excellent in those applications, but a constant pressure baitrunner Daiwa is slightly better for bolt rigs either for carp or winter pike. For helicopter set ups and fixed feeders Crossfires are amazing. The only week point is the easily replaced bail arm spring. The line lay is even better with a few turns of fly line backing underneath it, especially with braid. Tight lines mate!
  2. Have a look at Daiwa Black Widows. Brilliant reels for the money. I use them with braid for big(ish) carp and winter piking, as well as tench. The 3500 and 4000 would suit an Avon rod I expect. The big 5000+ sizes are more suited to chucking great lumps of tackle out on 12' high test curve rods. I use the 3500 and 4000 Black Widow bait runners for all bottom fishing, bolt rigs work very well for carp, pike and tench (bream too if you like slimy old bin lids). My lad uses Sonik 8000s and swears by them, they are worth a look too IMHO.
  3. Anyone have any experience with the various Wylde chambered straight pulls? Several companies seem to be building competitively priced rifles, I am unsure which to go with. I'm after a 1 in 8 twist extended/large cocking handle with 20" barrel. I would be interested in knowing any issues regarding reliability/warranty etc. Thanks for any replies.
  4. Wharf Rat

    diana 52

    Brilliant rifle. It's designed for FAC power levels though, you lug a lot of weight around for a 12 ft-lb. Much better than your Lightning tbh. Get it on ticket if you can, at 20+ ft-lb it's a stunning piece of kit.
  5. Genuinely good man gone. Superlative sportsman on the pitch and in the field. Someone ought to tell that green councillor that Jack was a founding member of the Anti Nazi League and staunch supporter of the miners in 84-85. I wonder if the councillor has ever stuck his neck out for the working man as much as Jack did...
  6. Wharf Rat

    Which 223

    Have a look at the Mossberg light chassis in .223/5.56 Nato. Serious target rifle, suitable twist rate for heavy for calibre bullets. Nice trigger and cheap enough to buy some glass with the remaining cash.
  7. Wharf Rat


    Davis - Kind of Blue - Cookin' - Sketches of Spain Mingus - Moanin' Sun Ra - Futuristic Sounds Of Shepp - Blase Them's the basics. Remember the words of Viv Stanshall, 'Jazz; delicious hot, disgusting cold.' I grew up on Motorhead and still listen to them, but **** Burn Victim are way heavier, and jazzier:
  8. I've used the grey tint. Very good for shooting and fishing. My lad tried the orange and much preferred the grey too, although his dyslexia and my slight colour blindness may have had an effect...
  9. I doubt that it will be tbh. It's clearly designed as an FAC level gas-ram. I can't see much demand for it at all in 12 ft-lb. At 12 ft-lb the HW90 would walk all over it I expect. Really interesting rifle in .25 and .30 though. I'd have a .177 like a shot if they were brought over. .177 pellet just sub-sonic is a wonderful airgun.
  10. Wharf Rat

    Wet shave.

    I've used a Wilkinson plastic safety razor and Wilkinson blades since 2010, but swapped to Feathers cut in half and an E-Bay £2.99 disposable cut-throat the last few months. Very gentle shave with little shaving rash. The razor is damn fiddly and plasticly, I'll buy a better one at some point.
  11. You may find it interesting to read up on Plato's ideas on polity and democracy that are contained within his book The Republic. This question has been discussed since about 400BC. I expect that it will still be discussed in 2400AD! I don't take Plato to be as interested in 'experts' as such though. As (some claim) the father of conservative thought, he was perhaps more interested in those who had a certain natural talent for pragmatic rule guided by firmly stated principles. Rule by experts sounds more like technocracy. Oakshot expands this idea in a modern context for further reading. It may be interesting to consider this... Reading the comments re: India and China, and taking my own time working in the Middle East in oil production, more people work in co-ops than all the large corporations put together. Around 100 million work cooperatively, spending 40 hours a week in an industrially democratic space. Perhaps that is a lesson for us all. With industrial democracy, there is so much oversight, that mistakes in practical production (mismatched panels!) and bribery (adding to Indian V Chinese unit costs) etc are much less likely. We spend much more time interfacing with work than politics. Perhaps the cold realities of the market and providing for ourselves lead to more sober decision making?
  12. What form of democracy are you referring too? Plato's, Schumpeter's, Rousseau's, Mill's, Marcuse's? Without a definition, the original statement has no meaning.
  13. I ordered mine from my local RFD. Any CZ stockist can get you one, I think that Edgar Brothers might be the distributor. Chris at Norfolk Sporting Guns got me mine, the other Edgar Brothers stockist, Churchill's priced one for the same money. I've had a basic CZ630 for 34 years, I bought the 634 about a decade ago. Apart from a scratch that my daughter put on the barrel, it's like new still. I fitted a PTFE guide and washer kit from Poland (EBay) and polished the internals to a mirror finish. It's accounted for lots of rabbits. I have an HW80, an HW77 and an HW97K. I use the 97K (Venom tuned) for HFT, but the CZ I use for hunting due to the low weight. It's better for snap shooting.
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