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  1. Cheap springers are a good way to learn how to tune. Any springer benefits from a good internal polish, careful lube etc.
  2. I prefer the Mossberg with a lifter tang extended an extra 1/4"ish. No jams on overhead shots with 2 1/2" carts and you don't get your thumb stuck in a lifter. The Franchi and the Remington were horrible to load fast, I preferred getting the hang of controlling the second cartridge and letting it push the first (most of the time)!
  3. The Bill is horrendous. I wasted time writing to my MP, pointing out that in the case cited in the formation of the Bill, multiple existing laws had been broken. I also asked why a bill was being drawn up on a 'whatabout' basis, when the only definite result was the curtailment of law abiding persons rights. I received a reply that regurgitated statements already made, and which did nothing to engage with my concerns. Come election time, I still expect to see a picture of of said MP standing in a field with a wax jacket on stating that he is concerned with the countryside and fieldsports.
  4. I use an FAC .22 PCP at around 24 ft-lbs. I do not use it all the time, but it is very useful when required. Don't dismiss springers though. A .177 HW80 at 19-20 ft-lbs is a handy bit of kit.
  5. Get yourself over to Norwich HFT Club Harnser, you can safely test your accuracy out to 45 yards on targets with a kill zone equal to that of rabbits. They are a friendly bunch and it is not a bad morning out at all.
  6. I take my HW passed 50 yards. If you can hit it, its sensible range. With the HW I can...
  7. I have seen a couple of Greener trap guns in the UK, also a factory made Greener with a conventional rib. Several 2 1/2 chambered guns around.
  8. If you want to play with the standard 'bike.' Raise the exhaust port 1mm, widen it so only far that the rings don't distort or catch and polish the port to death. Don't do the inlet as you need some swirl. Advance the ignition a gnats nadgers and see what she does. That K&N style filter in the pic will raise top speed but ruin acceleration, better to cut a larger hole in the airbox intake. Do all that and it may crack 35mph...
  9. There are three models, so make sure that you order the right bits. I would also always change the cocking shoe on an old 77, they are a weak (compared to the general build quality of the rest of the gun!) spot, and are only about a tenner. The thread on the rear of the trigger mechanism goes for it, glue a nut in place rather than trying to re-thread if it has fretted. The cylinder was standardised to 26mm from 25mm. The serial number from which this occurred alters from source to source, so just get your calipers out. They are a great rifle. I inherited my MK II 77. It had been 'tuned' by an amateur. It survived to shoot well again and I expect my daughter to have mine. Good luck with yours mate. Look forward to seeing it on here.
  10. No expert, but happy to help. Is your first question, 'How do I remove the bolt?'
  11. What mag is your scope set at...
  12. My absolute favourite HFT event all year. Lie in freezing mud in positions that a yoga expert would balk at and shoot (at) 10mm kill targets mounted in a wildly swinging treetop about 50 yards away. If you can keep a straight face shooting this event you are seriously strange. If you actually go year after year you are probably stranger... Well recommended.
  13. I have an A Wright Lambsfoot rosewood handle knife. Poor fit on the liners to spine, very hard blade that holds a good edge, but expensive for the quality. The £6 from a show cheapy I have has a similar blade but terrible fit and finish. Had the Wright for years so I can't complain, not sure I would buy another, but doubt I will ever need to unless I loose it!
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