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  1. It was a vote on amendments from that left wing cesspit the House of Lords. Like many people I voted for Boris to take us out of the EUSSR and to reduce the amount of red tape that burdens British business. If you don't like it being in there don't drink it. No one's forcing you to.
  2. He won't. He simply doesn't have chin. I agree with 12guage82, Fury will beat AJ far easier than Wilder. TBH I expect Callum Smith's next fight to be far more exciting.
  3. Ernie Shavers, George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Ron Lyle, Gerry Cooney all had a better punch than Wilder to name the first to spring to mind. Liston's jab was insane. I think the danger comes from Wilders ability a decent punch from an odd angle. As you say one lucky shot is all that it takes! Fury v Usyk would be good. AJ will get walked over.
  4. I agree with the above, but not strongly enough to put money on. If Wilder has a canny enough coaching team behind him, he may find himself a strategy that foxes Fury the same way that Fury did him in the second fight.
  5. I've used Kent Velocity for 'odd' shot sizes before, as the ultra thin plastic allows you to see the shot through it (good for buck or slug). They reload fine. They must be about the worst cases on the market. I prefer Fiocchi 67mm cases though. They last forever or so it seems. Not suggesting anyone does the same, just my decision.
  6. Years ago everything from lino, new clothes to dishclothes were sold door to door. If you travel, and have no use for a fixed location outlet, door to door sales are still an option, with little in the way of overheads = cheap. No doubt wrong uns sometimes but not exclusively. I've known some decent people hawk goods and carry out trades door to door. Apply the same amount of caution that you should apply to E-Bay...
  7. You can cut springs, alternately you can, if stuck, get one made. Several places online do custom springs. You will need to measure coil diameter, thickness etc. You could always order a couple of coils overlength to play with tension etc. High tension teflon coated springs are available in the US.
  8. My lad has MK I, III, IV, and V Meteors. Awful triggers were down to stupidly stiff springs on a couple that we bought. They all shoot at about 10.5 ft-lb and are smoothed out by hand polishing and honing the internals and PTFE or steel sleeves. You can get kits to replace the leather washers with plastics. The trigger sears can be polished IIRC. T R Robb has tuning kits for all UK models. They can run at 12ft-lb without much trouble.
  9. Shooting the plastic coating from my Mum's washing line with a knackered Slavia 630. I could reliably hit the line with open sights after a whole six weeks of shooting practice. Can't remember how close I had to be. Today I banged 9" gongs with a 1940 Mosin at 100 yards, resting my elbow on my knee. Open sights and rough East European rifles are still evidently my thing.
  10. The .177 or .22 is one of those camp fire discussions that never gets settled. I think that .17HMR v .22LR is going the same way lol. Enjoy your rifle NoBodyImportant, I'm sure it will do fine, used with respect. I've had so many rabbits with an HW97K in .177 that I could barely walk home. I've smashed rats at close range with a CZ 634 in .22. Learn your trajectory, shoot to it and enjoy.
  11. The HW99 is called the Beeman 50 in the US. A flat shooting .177 with soft pellets is a wonderful tool for pests as far as springers are concerned. With only 14 ft-lb to play with, I'd go for the .177. I've taken more rabbits with a 10.5ft-lb in .177 than just about anything else.
  12. Field of vision is improving on lots of scopes compared to what we grew up with I think. From memory the Connect certainly had a nice wide field. I like the Hawke Panoramas for hunting and target shooting myself, they have improved FOV over old Sterling Golds and the like. I know the Connect as chap I knew was testing a one for a magazine feature, and asked me to have a few shots with it over an HFT course for a second opinion. I liked the scope but found that I didn't get on with wearing my glasses and using it. Initial target acquisition with no specs was obviously awful. He wears specs too, but found them to give no difficulties. Something to consider perhaps. The reticle was wonderfully fine I do recall. I will say one thing. If you can shoot OK with this style of scope, shooting both eyes open is a doddle. I have a 1.4-4 x 24 for ratting on an old Meteor. Great for snap shooting. Not sure if the parallax adjuster on the Atom would hamper your left eye though, my son has a similar scope on his black rifle, but with a much smaller left hand side turret.
  13. The accuracy is supposed to improve as parallax error is reduced. A few years ago the similar MTC VIPER CONNECT was fashionable, and people did win HFT events with them. It must work OK as it still sells. For target shooting they are fine. For target and game, I prefer a Hawke Panorama - nice fine reticle and clear sight picture. Your eyes are not mine though.
  14. HW45. If you have trouble with sighting, fit a red dot.
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