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  1. The Mossberg with synthetic furniture is very light. The 20g is light as a feather and able to shoot anything from 21g loads to 34g off of the shelf. Much more flexible than the .410. I sold my Remington 20g when I bought a Mossy 500 with plastic stock. The Mossy was lighter.
  2. Makes sense. Cheers for the info. I'd love to have a pop at a moving target with slugs. They are very slow compared to a bullet, and they can take an age to get back on target. It would make for an interesting time for sure!
  3. Wharf Rat


    I could see some sense in investing in local freight lines to get HGV traffic down. I could see some sense in upgrading existing passenger capacity (post Covid!). What I cannot see is the sense in destroying the irreplaceable. There must be a thousand ways to invest in skilled jobs. One in ten nursing posts is unfilled for starters. 25% of children's services jobs unfilled. What do we need more, skilled well paid, motivated carers for the young, the sick and the old, or a few minutes off a rail journey through a desecrated landscape?
  4. I have a 20mm rail for my Mossy. The cheap red dot that I fitted was awful in low light, but great for slugs and being lazy with roosting birds. I have another 200mm rail on the front of the magtube at 8 o'clock. It is handy for mounting torches. Your thumb is right behind the button on a 25mm torch with the switch on the end cap. Even a cheapy LED torch stands up to the recoil. Ledray works best mind. High power and an amber filter.
  5. Try a sample selection of wadcutters and see what your rifle chooses. I have a CZ that loves RWS wadcutters, but they don't group well in other rifles. I have had pass throughs using AAField in .177 but tbh, a thin skinned soft pellet does dump its energy well, and they seem to kill OK. Heavyweight 'magnum' pellets pass through with far less deformation. End of the day, your rifle chooses the pellets, not you; whatever the design.
  6. I've pictures, one lucky foot and the spent cartridge from my lad's first rabbit. Well done to your boy. Nice to see a youngster interested in rabbiting.
  7. Sad thing is, in the UK they are becoming more and more rare, whilst in South Africa they are at plague proportions and doing a fair amount of damage. If you go to Natal you can shoot them by the shed load, and be thanked. Seems a bit of a trek mind...
  8. I've used a fishing bag from there for rough shooting, decoying, and clays that must be ten years old at least. All zips etc OK so far. The TUV tested tools etc are great value. The long handled torx and hex sets on my van have lasted four or five years without a scratch, and I've used the 2' SDS bits a few times too. Only duff buy was an axe. The head is hard as diamond and has never taken a proper edge, and the shaft was brittle. Only cost a quarter of my Cold Steel axe and I did use it for a few years before it blunted. One day I'll put the blasted thing on a bench grinder very c
  9. The empirical study published yesterday has much bearing on the speculation contained within this thread. The qualitative interviews and methodology notes are published. Could someone actually take each conclusion on and point out where the 'missed opportunities' and 'cover ups' actually are, by providing an immanent critique to the same standard as the report itself? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/944206/Group-based_CSE_Paper.pdf
  10. I shot a semi most of the time but found a pump much better. Eject empties into the bin (when safe and first/second bird timing allows!), no problems with light loads/subs, easier to clean, lighter and better balanced imho, cost peanuts, loads of mods/accessories (if that's your thing), and they very rarely jam. I cleaned a Mossy 500 that had been used for a couple of years with nowt but the packing grease to lubricate and protect it. Unbelievable amount of crud came out and the mag spring was rusty as hell from salt. Thing still functioned absolutely fine. My father on the ot
  11. Wharf Rat


    Mossberg 500 new for less than £500. The (more expensive) moderated version is great for garden pot shots. Phil Webster will do you a good deal on one!
  12. Wharf Rat


    Stick a couple of adapters in your Blaser. 😜
  13. I put a kit into my HW97K silencer to improve the performance, it worked extremely well. You certainly hear a lot of mechanical noise as your ear is close to the action, but the overall effect was quite surprising. How it actually works Lord only knows!
  14. My lad has an example of every British made Meteor. Follow the advice that Meteor Whisperer gives and you will do well. I've stripped and polished all of the boy's, and they shoot well and accurately, the later one with the 5.5mm diameter barrel shoots best as the old size calibre pellets available now are pretty poor. A quality soft lead AA Field works OK in the older guns but the good old Wasp in 5.6mm is a sad thing nowadays. Modern lithium greases and a brake honing kit with Autosol, some wet n dry and top hat kit etc are pretty cheap, and you will learn a lot using them
  15. I use these for spinning/lure and float work. Amazing reels for the money, and excellent in those applications, but a constant pressure baitrunner Daiwa is slightly better for bolt rigs either for carp or winter pike. For helicopter set ups and fixed feeders Crossfires are amazing. The only week point is the easily replaced bail arm spring. The line lay is even better with a few turns of fly line backing underneath it, especially with braid. Tight lines mate!
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