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  1. Fantastic cal, cheap to run & mighty acurate I got a cz527 that sits in a cabinet ( since loss of land & new rifle took over ) happy to pass it on to a new home should someone require scratching that itch .. cheers al.
  2. Essex / London... but I don't a reasonable travel if it's the right price to make it worth while
  3. I will, thank you I fear that the RFD costs will not make it a viable proposition though.. Unless they are really cheap ! Lol again, thanks al.
  4. Hi, i am after a really cheap .410 bolt action shotgun for a project.. ideally as cheap as you can possibly imagine as long as it loads, shoots & ejects - I don't care about the rest cheers al
  5. Hi, i have for sale my AICS stock to fir Remington 700 short action , its in great condition & photos will be available on request. Supplied with a cracking set of VictorCompany Viperskins in either FDE or Green also available by separate negotiations is a Accu-shot / Atlas bipod spigot BT19 and a 5 rnd .308 mag - these items will only be offered to the buyer of the stock £ 550 all in, inc mainland uk postage
  6. If it's rifle primers .. This is fantastic article:- http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=1471
  7. treetop

    Neck turner

    Hi, I'm after a neck turner .. Cheers
  8. Check the read valve is seating correctly, most common fault on a 2 stroke , as it only needs a small crumb to form a gap and it won't seal properly
  9. Hi, I know I can get a new one, but I thought I would ask about 1st :- Wanted - bridge for a wildcat predator 8 or 12 in 5/8ths thread . Also interested if you have a Diffuser in .25 cal & .270 cal Cash waiting ! Thanks Al.
  10. Ive got a ' new in box ' 4.6 xt that I was looking to sell, with mounts , t60 ( t20 with doubler ) IR with adjustable mount.. Just not advertised it yet ... But if your interested PM me Cheers Al
  11. Is it a standard unit or did you fit a doubler on it ? Are you using the same box of ammo ? Moderator done up ? Scope mounts tight ? All these things could throw a spanner in the works ...
  12. If you have any problems, I have "a New in box " with warranty
  13. If you will split, I'd be interested in the scope ... Cheers
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