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  1. A friend and I have been messing with a Tiger Super 6, bought complete but needed bits doing to it, new bushes, windscreen, dash needed rebuilding and electrics.
  2. Hey up mate.


    Been a while!! You started lambing? 

    1. My mistake, it was, I under ranged the shot by 300 yards, how silly of me.
    2. I once heard, and these stories are buried in the vaults of PW castle, of a hare shot at 404 yards.
    3. Yup, keep it simples and stay away from the simples.
    4. kyska

      40 in Feb

      Sorry mate, I'll delete my post for you, I'm sure the OP will appreciate your intervention and correction.
    5. kyska

      40 in Feb

      Edited on request of a pseudo moderator/Essex philosopher.
    6. You don't have an armourer? Peasant
    7. There is a simple lesson here isn't there, lock your doors. its not the lengths they go, it's also the lengths we do. Locking doors should be a prerequisite to home safety surely?
    8. Sporting isn't ethical is it, your opinion is confusing. The 'thrill' of a hunt is the antithesis, a bullet through the brain and lights out is ethically sound. A question, shooting a duck in the water is ethically wrong, yet shooting it on flight is ok? I'd love to know the difference ethically.
    9. Internal 'stack' filters are amazing now. i wouldn't be concerned, they just need managing in a different way. They have many attributes.
    10. Why shouldn't people shoot game birds with a rifle? its legal. whats not 'ethical' about a clean kill of a bird? Is a shotgun a more ethical way to shoot animals? odd post.
    11. Nicely done, what calibre did you shoot it with? I particularly like your stalking face veil...
    12. kyska

      Good bye

      Have you just 'lmao' at your very own sharp retort?
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